RIP Clifford Andrews

Clifford and me with Clifford’s Education Fund at The Rooms Provincial Museum, 2007
When I first started working on my old shop, taking the boards off the broken windows, clearing out the rocks and dirt, Clifford Andrews dropped in to introduce himself to Duke and me. 
He told us that he had old pictures and fond memories of the place, and that we were welcome to drop by his house in Wesleyville anytime to chat. He informed us that he took tea on the hour, every hour. We showed up at his house that night after work, met his wife Joan, and were completely enveloped in warmth and local history lessons.

Clifford has been a source of inspiration to me and my artwork, including (I think) my best piece which is named for him.

Clifford, thank you for caring to pass on your knowledge, your patience in answering all my foolish questions, and your friendship.

Studio Day

Eric Winsor’s three new images. 
The images are of the Anglican church door in Pool’s Island, boats on the slip at Brookfield, and Cabot Island lighthouse.

Clifford’s Education Fund is being reworked. 
I started hooking brown stripes into the salt fish mat from 2006 where there used to be twigs, representing boughs between the fish and the longers. This will turn an installation piece into a usable rug.

Our Studio Day happens every Wednesday.  Drop in and check it out next week…
Thanks to visitors and studio users Eric, Barbara, and Eleanor for making this week eventful.