This Week at Norton’s Cove Studio

On the morning of July 1st, we remember all those who have worked so hard to make this world a better place. And on Canada Day, I am thankful to have been born in a country where we have the right to keep on fighting for the rights of us all, and to keep making things better with each generation.

Rope Mats by Duke, starting at just $25, and half of the proceeds will be donated to IBEC to help fund their beach clean-ups in the area!

Duke will be showing visitors how to make his popular thump mats from reused ropes found on our beautiful shores. Stop by the studio from 2-4 today to make your own rope mat! This event is free and for all ages. Feel free to bring your own rope, or use ours!

I am still packaging Norton’s Cove Cards, Mini-Prints, and Bookmarks to fill my shelves and a few orders going out around the province. That means I have lots of time to chat with visitors while I’m scoring, folding, stamping logos, stuffing envelopes, and water-colouring the printed images! Do drop in for a visit.

Don’t forget about our ongoing contest!

  • post a picture of your Janet Davis artwork on twitter, Instagram, or your blog
  • each post is a new entry
  • use the hashtag #JanetDavisArt
  • tag Norton’s Cove: twitter: @NortonsCove Instagram: @nortonscovestudioandcafe Blog (WordPress): @nortonscovestudio
  • June 1st – 30th
  • all artwork by Janet qualifies, including Norton’s Cove Cards, Mini-Prints, Bookmarks, textile pieces, paintings, and all printmaking from 1990 to present date.

Norton’s Cove Studio is open at least
10am – 6pm Wednesday through Saturday
10am – 3pm Sunday
You’ll find me here at the studio much later than six o’clock most days!

The online shop is open 24/7 of course,
and you can choose to have your items shipped to you,
or you can ‘pick-up in-store’.

A Good Friday for Printing

Today’s Printapalooza action: a rainbow roll of quinacridone red and prussian blue with a wee bit of titanium white in the mix. I started this a couple of days ago on my own, and Duke helped me get it all done today. Having a ‘clean hands’ helper makes such a huge difference in production time!

Duke had been doing a little work elsewhere, but today I had him all to myself again! I am adamant that when I’m allowed to reopen my shop, it will be FULL of product!

What did you do today?


We grabbed a take-out supper from the café and ate at the picnic table in the first gazebo on the Greenspond walking trail last night. Duke had the Baxter Burger & Chippies with a Dad’s Root Beer, and I had the Chick Pea Curry with an iced coffee. Yummy supper.

Beautiful evening, until the mosquitoes found us. In Greenspond! The 1st time I’ve ever seen them there! Never mind all the tragic things happening all over the world- I’m upset about the immigration of mosquitoes to Pond Island!!! I think I’m prejudiced towards mosquitoes.


My husband has spent lots of studio time with me over the years, enough to learn the craft of lino-cut printmaking.  He has made several small editions, and has sold every print.  His imagery, unsurprising to anyone who knows him, is always marine related.

Linocut print on 250g Arches cotton fibre paper  Waiting   12/15  Duke Kelloway 2007

Celebrating Ten Years!

Flowers from mom & dad

Some of the folks who showed up to celebrate with me…
Are they arguing over who has given more volunteer time to Norton’s Cove Studio?
From left, Catherine GWG, Joanne Wiley, and Eleanor Bishop Parsons.
Some new faces and long time supporters…
Duke made the chicken wings, and enjoyed a few too!
Door Prize Winners!  Ken Roebotham, Stephen Kirby, Lynn Cochrane, Emma Gale, and shown here with me is Lloyd Roebotham who had us cracking up with laughter.  Thank you for coming, everyone! 

Surfacing I

Oil on plywood, Janet Davis 2012

This is my newest painting, finished just yesterday.  It’s sitting in my shop window for now, to be framed and priced once it’s dry.  My toughest critic told me it was “really good”, which shocked my eyebrows to my hair line last night!

I’m hoping to have a photographer friend get a better picture of it for you soon…