A Fellow Blogger & Norton’s Cove Café

Great big thanks to fellow blogger Victoria Wade for posting this super positive blog about my restaurant!

So happy to see this on a day with almost no customers and a feeling of dread weighing heavy on my shoulders.  It’s so hard to run a business in a small town, and equally as easy to feel like I probably shouldn’t have started this in the first place.  A notification came to my phone telling me about a blog post this evening and saved my day!  It’ll be alright.  Tomorrow is another day…

Good Morning guys! I hope you’re all waking up to love (like the Clean ‘n’ Clear [or was it Neutrogena???] commercial used to sing .. remember? .. no? .. just me? .. Allan would remember). I woke up with my loves this morning and I couldn’t be more grateful! They came out on Thursday afternoon […]

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Entrepreneurship Syndrome

Queasy stomach, stopping to take quick breaths now and then so I don’t pass out, worrying about who likes what and what I can do differently, and how I spoke to an employee and how I can entice more customers through the door, and my neck hurts from all the time spent at a desk, and on and on it goes.

Screenshot (70)
New highway signs like this are in progress.

Yes, I have Entrepreneurship Syndrome.  It’s a hereditary disease inherited from my father.  He has suffered greatly but is in remission at the moment.  There is no known cure, but there are measures that can be taken to improve quality of life:

  • One of those measures relies heavily on the community in which an affected person resides.  Community support is vital.  Family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, all important.
  • Another coping method is to write silly blog posts and keep having fun through the tough times.
  • Dory said it best.  I just have to keep on swimming.  Keep trying my best to make a success of my old and new business.  Every day is a new start and comes with new opportunities.  Let’s go see what today will bring…