Throw Back Thursday: Pearson Academy Visits

Mrs. Bishop’s class from quite a while ago!

I really miss getting visits from the local school children. Most years, one or two of Memorial Academy’s teachers bring a gaggle of kids the few doors down to my place so I can show them what I do here. Hopefully, next school-year, we can resume the visits!

Mr. J.P.’s class from a few years ago!


Throw Back Thursday: Behind the Scenes at Norton’s Cove Studio c.2009

This YouTube video was made by the fine folks at Adventure Central Newfoundland back in 2009…

So, almost 12 years have passed, and I’m still doing the same thing. Is that good? Is that bad? Hmmm. I guess we can determine that I am not a quitter! Persistent, or stubborn? Sure. Family traits are hard to swerve around.

The thing is, I have been trying my damnedest to make my small business a successful venture since 2002. I am still not really successful, although my team and I have come a long way since then, especially with the addition of Norton’s Cove Café. I love my work. I love making artwork, I love the paperwork, I love getting new products in at the shop, I love trying all the new things to eat at the Café, and I love writing and re-writing my business plan to make room for new developments. I love meeting people in my studio, and I really love seeing my community support this small business.

I have reapplied to ACOA to help finance my Norton’s Cove Rooms project, and I definitely won’t be able to go ahead with that part of my business plan without their assistance. My fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed while I await their response.

I am fully invested in Norton’s Cove. If I fail, I will have nothing to show for the past 19 years of work. So failing isn’t an option. And the Rooms @ Norton’s Cove is THE bit of the plan that’s going to bring it all together. IF I can raise the funds to get it built this year. Cross your fingers for me, won’t you?

November 40% OFF

Well, it’s November already, and so it’s time to bump up our fall sale percentage to 40% off all gift-ware.  Here’s what’s still available…

Bath Bombs & Lip Balm: were $5 each, now $3 each

Christmas Stockings were $23 each now $13.80 each

Elfshot necklaces, earrings: were from $25-$40 now $15-$24

Hat was $32 now $19.20 | Green Sprout socks were $26 now $15.60 | Grey Vamps were $20 now $12

Hockey Socks were $26 now $15.60

Books were from $5-34.95, now $3-20.97

Snowflakes were $2 each, now $1.20 each

Cds and DVDs were from $12.99 – $35, now from $7.79 – $21

Stretchy Rings were $30 now $18

Soap was $5 each, now $3 each

Bath Salts were $20/bag, now $12/bag

Caplin Cat Toys were $14, now $8.40  | Jams were $25/set now $15

Fish & Brewis Bread Warmers were $20 now $12, Newfoundland  Recipes book was $4.95, now $2.97

Lelli Unique Wire Jewellery was from $14 to $84 now $8.40 to  $50.40

Dark Tickle Teas and Syrups were from $3 to $7.90, now $1.80 to $4.74

Mugs were $30 now $18 | Bowls were $25small & $60 large, now $15small & $36large

Cream & Sugar set was $50 now $30

Clay magnets were $8 now $4.80each

Fall Sale Starts Today

To make room for more artwork by myself and friends, Norton’s Cove Studio will no longer be stocking giftware in the old shop shelves.  In an attempt to empty the shelves a little faster than usual, there are some deals in store for customers this fall:

September  20% off
October  30% off
November  40% off
December  50% off

Sale includes the following brand names/products:

ArtSea Jewellery | Elfshot Jewellery | Lelli Unique Wire Jewellery | Blue Dragon Clay | Boulder Publications | Creative Book Publishing | Daniel Payne CDs and DVDs | Flanker Press | MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc. | Mewfoundland Purrrfections | Newfoundland Naturals | Northeastern Folk Art | Paradise Farms Inc. | Perfectly Pure Bath Products | Spindrift Knitwear | Dark Tickle Co. jams, teas, and syrups | CDs from The Novaks, Mark Bragg, Blair Harvey | Vinland Music Books|