Today’s Mail

Left: Margaret Kean and Fred J. Kean on the steps of the Job Kean Shop in 1975.
Right: Baxter Kean at home in his (my) kitchen, 1975.
Today’s mail brought a letter, with these photographs, from a Mr. Donald Kean of Halifax.  He saw the article about me in Saltscapes Magazine, and wanted to show me these photos and wish me the best of luck with my studio.  I’m so happy he did.  He made my day!


Gail Collins, a talented writer living in Dover, wrote an article about me and my artistic life here at the Job Kean shop.  It’s in the May June issue of SaltScapes Magazine, and looks great!  The four page article starts on page 44 with a spread of my Lineage series.
Thanks to Gail and all the fine folks at SaltScapes!