Work in Progress

After seemingly ages waiting for paper to arrive to print this edition, it is printed and the ink is dry! So, this morning I added watercolour to the 1st relief print in the edition of 25. Summer in Greenspond. What could be sweeter?
The name of the edition is The View from Shallop Cove, and is inspired by photographs I took on the day of a family member’s marriage in Greenspond back in July when the wild iris’ were in full bloom. There is an experimental proof of this image hanging at the Craft Council Gallery in St. John’s right now too as part of their 50th Anniversary Exhibition.
Paintings in progress too: more smudge herring… who’d have guessed?

Greenspond Connections

I love Greenspond, and all the things associated with it. You know I do. So does Duke. Just the way it is. Yesterday evening, just before dark, we went for a little drive to our beloved Greenspond just because.

A beautiful sunset on a cold evening on my favourite cousin’s deck.

We drove all around the small island of Greenspond, over the little bridge to Ship Island, up around ‘the country’, and over to Wing’s Island. We stopped to greet a couple of friends and were invited in for coffee. Wonderful conversation and coffee too. I was given a pair of creepers (spiky things to attach to my boots to avoid slipping on the icy roads and walkways which I fear this time of year) by D, and we drove home under a gorgeous starry sky.

This morning, there was a parcel in the mail from my favourite cousin who (unfortunately for me) insists on spending her winters elsewhere. Would you believe, a pair of creepers!

So now I have two pairs of creepers. (D, you can have yours back again!) And even more fondness for the people of Greenspond.


After spending four nights in St. John’s , I am revived a bit this evening to have the salt air back in my lungs, which a quick walk on the rocks of Ship Island (Greenspond) provided nicely. Chill. Interpret that word as you like!

While in town, I heard The Novaks play a 1990s styled Unplugged set at The Ship Inn. Great show, and at a reasonable hour for old folks like me- the band started at 9 o’clock. I was happy to see the proof that there are plenty of music fans who are happy to take in an early show, as there was a fine crowd.

At Walking Bird Press, with the amazing Tara Bryan, I worked on The Wesleyville Book Project. We have completed all the printing, have folded and glued the accordion pages, and have even printed a series of 6 cards that will be boxed as a companion piece to the book. Great to have such a productive weekend!

I am back at the studio, fulfilling orders for Norton’s Cove products, putting away new hoodies picked up at Living Planet yesterday, taking reservations for Mother’s Day at the Café, and packaging even more product to send out to customers in the days ahead. Exciting times at Norton’s Cove!

Excursions Around the Bay

It was a beautiful day for a walk on the Greenspond trail. The seas are still rough along the shore after some recent high winds, making for some pretty spectacular view and quite a symphony of crashing waves.

It felt great to be outside in the sun after a long spell of indoor activities. (I’ve caught up on some home maintenance that had been put off for far too long. )

Jack had a great time too, and doused himself in all the bog holes he could find. Luckily, he’s happy enough to hop in the shower, so he no longer smells like a bog dog!


Beautiful weather has continued into the fall season here in Bonavista Bay- and I’m terribly happy to have some free time coming to enjoy it while it’s still here…

Gorgeous fall colours are starting to appear, as seen on the Greenspond hiking trail.


Wedding Bells

It was our pleasure to host a wedding supper for a lovely young couple from St. John’s today.  They didn’t ask for much: seating for eight, a wedding cake, and a place to photograph the memorable day.

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs., and thank you for choosing our neck of the woods to spend such an important day!

A full LEMON BLUEBERRY CAKE became the wedding cake, and the bride brought along this simple cake topper.



This is found on the Greenspond hiking trail.   A narrow stone channel with the ocean throwing waves up it, makes a roaring sound and is ridiculously cool.  

These signs were placed all over the island to show the old names of all the coves, headlands, and other land features back in 1997, I believe, when Greenspond was celebrating its 300th Anniversary.

 I took a picture of a Blue Flag in around the same spot a few years ago, and as soon as I had snapped the picture, Jack the Labrador snapped his jaws over the flower and ate it.  

If you like rocks, this place rocks.

Oh yes he did!


We grabbed a take-out supper from the café and ate at the picnic table in the first gazebo on the Greenspond walking trail last night. Duke had the Baxter Burger & Chippies with a Dad’s Root Beer, and I had the Chick Pea Curry with an iced coffee. Yummy supper.

Beautiful evening, until the mosquitoes found us. In Greenspond! The 1st time I’ve ever seen them there! Never mind all the tragic things happening all over the world- I’m upset about the immigration of mosquitoes to Pond Island!!! I think I’m prejudiced towards mosquitoes.