Last week here in New-Wes-Valley* the whole town joined together in our 1st annual Snow Crab Festival. Norton’s Cove Café took part with four different happenings, and I’d like to share a little of what took place.

  • Green Tea co-sponsored by Karma Kafé
  • Community Social hosted by Homestead Adventures
  • International Flavours supper by Ted, Gilbert, and Amanda
  • Friday Night FRIENDS

I very rarely give money to my community when different organizations come looking for donations from my company, because my business is very small and so far, I haven’t made any profit. However, I want to do good- I want to spread good vibes in my community. So I devised a plan that would also help a cause that is close to my heart- the arts!

With the help of my friends Florence and Irene at Karma Kafé, we have organized an annual event which will fund a new Art Scholarship (yet to be named) to be given to a graduating student of the local school, Pearson Academy. The scholarship will be given to a student who has been accepted in a school for the arts (visual, theatre, literature, etc.) and we administer the scholarship directly. Very soon, we’ll write up the guidelines for applications.

From the Festival Guide: “Karma Kafe and Norton’s Cove Café are teaming up to host GREEN TEA at Norton’s Cove Café from 2-4 pm. There will be fancy sandwiches and scones, and lots more for you to savor with your pot of tea. They are encouraging all to dress up for the occasion: What would the Queen wear? All profits will go towards a new Scholarship Fund for the arts to be available to Pearson Academy’s graduation class. Check out to read the history of this event.” Photo courtesy the Town of New-Wes-Valley’s Facebook page.

The event happened on Monday, March 11th, and we were all thrilled to host a full house of women and men enjoying a social tea that will benefit the arts. We raised $610 for the fund that day including some cash donations from folks who care.

Special thanks to Rick’s Service Centre of Pound Cove who kindly donated $25 to the cause, raising our fund to $635!

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help and influence of Florence, Irene, Shellsea, & Curtis. What wonderful things we can do when we work together!

*The town of New-Wes-Valley is comprised of eight little communities: Newtown, Templeman, Pound Cove, Wesleyville, Brookfield (of which Norton’s Cove is part), Badger’s Quay, Pool’s Island, and Valleyfield.