T-Shirt Weather?

Duke and I made a supply run to town yesterday, and we picked up some exciting new merch for Norton’s Cove Studio & Café from Living Planet Studio. And today is a gorgeous sunny day that is just perfect for photo-taking outside, so I called on my merch model, Fred, to get some shots to match last year’s batch. It’s quite handy to have a handsome volunteer at home! A funny note: while Fred looks very comfortable in just a tee-shirt with the snow in the background, I was wearing my fully zipped feather parka while snapping his picture!

I’ve got both new items uploaded on the website, and am setting up displays here in-store. Been here? Done that? Get the tee shirt!


New in the ‘Hood!

I’m happy to report some brand new hoodies I’ve had printed up by Living Planet with the Norton’s Cove logo and my Fresh Caplin image…

Available in maroon or grey, sizes S-XL, unisex, for $60 each.

I introduced the new product at last weekend’s Craft & Gift Wholesale Show in St. John’s, and they are now available in the online shop as well as here at the studio.