Icebergs in June: Day Fifteen

Fat Seal Dude cat toys from Mewfoundland Purrrfections | $14 each + HST

Iceberg count: nar one

Some Fat Seal Dudes drifted in on an icepan though…

Derrick LeGrow Jr. is the mastermind behind these brilliant little knitted cat toys, stuffed with cat-nip.  Never dreamed I’d ever see knitted dadlers.

The old shop of sealing captain Job Kean Sr. seems just the perfect place to sell them.


Icebergs in June: Day Fourteen

Paul Kirby’s Tin Art | Icebergs are $20 each + HST

Iceberg count: Zip.  But I can smell them coming.  There’s a freshness in the air since last night that makes me think that the icebergs are lurking in the fog out there.

These little icebergs came down from Ontario today.  Paul Kirby makes them, and Paul has to live in Ontario all winter.  So while he’s dreaming of coming back to Greenspond for the summer and fall, he makes images indicative of Newfoundland.  Those Kirbys from ‘pond are a wonderful artsy crowd, and I get the pleasure of having most of them visit my shop every year.  Paul will be teaching our Tuesday morning art class this summer- check out the classes & workshops page for info.  I’m looking forward to being his student again.  Last summer we had a lovely group that had lots of fun in the loft, following Paul’s lead.

Icebergs in June: Day Thirteen

Iceberg count: zilch

However, I did see some pretty cool things on the weekend…  Duke, Jack & I drove to Bonavista to see the big Rock & Roll Show at The Garrick Theatre.  Jack wasn’t actually allowed in…  Why are dogs not expected to enjoy a good concert?

First up, Mark Bragg & The Butchers were great! 
Mark doesn’t stay still long enough to get a clear shot of him though!
Mark, how about opening the Mark Bragg School of Dance?  It would be a hit!
Then for the second part of the concert, The Novaks!
Fantastic!  Lots of great new songs I hadn’t heard before, too. 
Thanks to The Garrick for offering up such a nice venue!

While on the road, I dropped off some artwork at The House of Diamonds in Glovertown, and at  Neil’s Yard in Bonavista. Please drop in to those establishments, both of which are open and ready to show off all the art and craft they have gathered together.

We had a great visit with the Patersons in Upper Amherst Cove.  Paterson Woodworking is a must see for anyone travelling in that area.  Cool indeed!

Icebergs in June: Day Nine

Off Fogo Island | Jennifer Oille Sinclair 2011 | 1/3
$300 unframed, or $400 framed + HST

Iceberg count: zero

The fog, being referred to as foggegeddon on Twitter, has blocked any view of any icebergs.  So who knows what lurks in the mist? 

This digital print by Wesleyville/St. John’s resident Jennifer Oille Sinclair, shows the floundering of an iceberg in five shots.  Its a large piece, 24 x 36 inches.

Brenda Stratton is visiting Norton’s Cove Studio today, with her public information session tonight at 7pm here at the studio.  As well as information about developing your craft business, pricing your products, and marketing your craft, there will be free coffee and cookies!  Even if you’re not sure what you’d like to ask Brenda about, come along- you’re sure to learn something and make a friend.

Icebergs in June: Day Eight

Iceberg | Watercolour by Eric Winsor 2007 | $29 + HST

Iceberg count: zip, zilch, zero!

This little watercolour painting by Eric is based on an iceberg seen at Lumsden North.  Lumsden and Cape Freels have some of the nicest sandiest beaches in the province, and are lovely iceberg watching zones. 

Also great dog running areas, as Jack will tell you!  Lots of shells, sticks, and smelly things to chew on for a Labrador.

Brenda Stratton arrives today- don’t forget about her talk tomorrow night!

Icebergs in June: Day Seven

Iceberg count: zero. 

But you can still buy one of three available etchings from this edition.  Iceberg at the Main was created just after my Greenspond exhibit at the Craft Council Gallery.  It is a variable edition, meaning each impression is inked a little differently. 

When standing on Greenspond island, looking towards mainland Newfoundland, a Greensponder might describe the view as ‘at the main’.  Eric Burry gave me the title for this print.

All three have been framed, and two can be seen under Art by Janet Davis if you scroll way down.

Icebergs in June: Day Six

Majestic | Watercolour by Eric Winsor 2009 | $18 + HST

Iceberg count: zero

But we have quite a few pictures of Icebergs, including this one by Eric Winsor of Brookfield.  Eric started taking a few drawing classes at Norton’s Cove Studio back when the studio first opened, and has been hooked on image making since.  We have a large selection of his etchings, lino-cut prints, and watercolours here at the studio for sale.  Stop by and check them out!

Icebergs in June: Day Five

Iceberg Study by Christine Koch
Available as a package of four gift cards for $5 +HST

 Iceberg count: zero
Estimated number of icebergs hiding in fog: thousands

These iceberg gift cards are a fundraiser for a long-time friend of mine, the Craft Council of Newfoundland & Labrador.

You can visit the lovely Christine Koch‘s studios on both east and west sides of the province depending on the season.  I’m a big fan of Christine’s work, and hope to have one of her paintings in my own house soon!