Icebergs at Norton’s Cove

Many years ago, I wanted to learn how to paint in oils. There was a workshop being offered at the Anna Templeton Centre in St. John’s which I wanted to attend, but couldn’t make my schedule work with. I called up the artist who was to teach the class, and I asked if she’d consider coming to Norton’s Cove to teach a weekend class if I could wrangle up a few students. I was thrilled to hear that she was certainly interested in doing just that. That’s how I met Tara Bryan in 2009. We’ve shared a fabulous friendship for ten years now.

So when I sold a large piece of artwork that hung in a prominent space at the café a few days ago, I naturally thought of one of Tara’s paintings to hang on the big empty wall. Here is the result:

Visitation (moving marble)
Oil on linen 96″ x 156″
Tara Bryan 2010

The painting (which is composed of three panels) is available for sale, and we can ship it anywhere. You can find it in the online shop here. You’ll find more of Tara’s iceberg paintings at the café soon, as we plan to showcase her work here over the summer.


Iceberg Alley on my Doorstep

Duke and I went for a little drive this evening, and here are some of the images that we captured at Cape Freels and Lumsden… I’m no photographer, but hopefully you can get a sense of how much pack ice and how many icebergs are surrounding us right now!  It’s all beautiful, and for those of you who are not familiar with pack ice, it has a life of its own, moving and rolling and making wonderful gushing sounds.  Not at all like lake ice breaking up.

Tara Bryan: Visiting Artist

Norton’s Cove Studio is very happy to announce that Tara Bryan will be giving us her company and expertise next week!  Tara will arrive on Thursday, March 29th, and will be staying until April 3rd.

We will have a little meet & greet on Thursday night (see the events section), and Tara will be teaching Oil Painting in the loft on Friday & Saturday.  She’ll be spending the rest of her time working on her own projects.

Tara is bringing with her some t-shirts, art cards, and other goodies to sell, so stop in to shop too!

From Tara’s 2011 visit!