Woman’s best friend.
Lumsden, Newfoundland

Postcard sunsets, strolls along the seaside, and taking notes on the beauty surrounding us is just a regular summer day. I’m a lucky lucky woman.



Beautiful weather has continued into the fall season here in Bonavista Bay- and I’m terribly happy to have some free time coming to enjoy it while it’s still here…

Gorgeous fall colours are starting to appear, as seen on the Greenspond hiking trail.



This is found on the Greenspond hiking trail.   A narrow stone channel with the ocean throwing waves up it, makes a roaring sound and is ridiculously cool.  

These signs were placed all over the island to show the old names of all the coves, headlands, and other land features back in 1997, I believe, when Greenspond was celebrating its 300th Anniversary.

 I took a picture of a Blue Flag in around the same spot a few years ago, and as soon as I had snapped the picture, Jack the Labrador snapped his jaws over the flower and ate it.  

If you like rocks, this place rocks.

Oh yes he did!

Studio Day Interview

At the cutting board- backings for frames.

With my studio assistant, Jack.  He’s pretty lazy,  but  works cheap.

In front of Whip Sculpin

How I spend most of my time, drinking coffee.  Dark roast, black.  

During Studio Day this week, I had a visitor who came to interview me for a magazine article.  Duke, Suzette, and Hugh just so happened by, and got in on the conversation.  I’ll let you know more about the article later…

In the midst of a print run…

Printing a complete line of cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks for spring orders as well as stocking my own shop shelves takes a while… When I started Norton’s Cove Studio almost ten years ago, working a 12 or 16 hour day was fairly common.  I’m not up to that anymore though- aches and pains and grumpiness come from long hours doing the same thing now that I’m forty.  So I take it slowly but surely.  One colour of ink per day, taking days off in between, and keeping up on other projects at the same time make for a much happier middle aged Janet!

Today we’ll (my mother, Ollie, is my co-worker again today) be printing black.

I’ve also added all the new images to the Norton’s Cove Cards product line page.  Have a look!


Designed Spring 2012
Available as a 4×6 card ($6), 5×7 matted mini-print ($12)
or 8×10 framed mini-print ($40) in any colour ink on off-white paper.
This image is based on  my dog, Jack, when he was a wee puppy.  Eastern’s Outback Jack is a beautiful black Labrador Retriever from Eastern Kennels in the Goulds, near St. John’s.  Jack spends his days at the studio with me, and provides me with endless smiles and loyal companionship.