In the Shop

I’ve been having fun as a shop-keeper the past couple of days, getting new product on the shelves and adding them to the online store too. When a new box of goods shows up at my shop, it’s like my birthday! I love it!

From Foggy Island Candles, we are now carrying 6 different scents in these 6oz travel tins, $20 each
Kate Fudge Art cards, at $7 each. Seriously though… I know who I’ll give a Pineapple Crush card to, and half the nans in NL could get an Evaporated Milk card, but who am I going to give a Vienna Sausage card to, and to mark what occasion? Don’t they look great on the old wire turning display that came with this c.1890 general store?
Velvet Snow’s Forget-Me-Not pieces are moving quickly. So far, no one has left the shop without at least one piece! Understated and beautiful. $33.50 – $42 price range.

Velvet Snow

I’m pleased to share this beautiful jewellery line with you here at Norton’s Cove Studio: made by Kim Cleary of Velvet Snow Accessories, each piece envelops dried forget-me-not flowers.

Velvet Snow Accessories is a handcrafted jewelry line based in Newfoundland, Canada. Designer Kim Cleary, born and raised in St. John’s, forages wild flowers and foliage within the province and turns them into beautiful, minimalistic accessories.

The pieces are shown in the antique display case that came with this historic c.1890 general store, and of course they are a great compliment to my own Forget Me Not cards and mini-prints, an iconic image in Newfoundland’s history.

Prices on the pieces range from $33.50 to $42, before HST is added.