In just a few days, we’ll mark 100 years since the Newfoundland Disaster.
Now available for sale right here at the shop of Captain Job Kean.  
You will find Job as one of the sealing captains shown on page 22…
This book is an emotional find for someone like me who is surrounded by the history of the seal hunt.  
Wesleyville was once known as “The home of the famous seal killers”, and this book is filled with the stories of my predecessors.  I type this entry in Baxter Kean’s office, looking at his photo in sealing attire on page 20.  Page 19 shows my husband’s great grandfather, Frederick Kelloway, and the man standing next to him is surely a Sturge or a Winter… The book has pull out copies of sealing lists and other fascinating documents.
My congratulations to Jenny Higgins and Boulder Publications for putting together such a treasure of a book.
$29.95 + GST = $31.45


Happy Holidays!

This photo was found amongst Job and Virtue Kean’s belongings.  Do you know who they are?
I know the photo isn’t taken in my house, and my best guess is that they are relatives living in the northeastern US, but that’s just a guess! 
Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday with family and friends.