This week at Norton’s Cove Café

Norton’s Cove Café is closed for the season, but there is still lots going on at Norton’s Cove!

New this week, for all you Norton’s Cove coffee fans, I’ve moved one of our espresso machines to the studio for the off-season! You’ll need to bring your own mug for coffee to go, or you can browse the shop and enjoy the c.1890 aesthetic while you sip. We don’t serve food, just coffee. And don’t be foolish and order something not on the menu! We have three options: americano, café latté, or cappuccino. That’s it. Don’t be asking for a café au lait or a decaf low fat pumpkin spiced anything. I’ve been watching Seinfeld again lately, and you just might get a “no soup for you” response!

The Norton’s Cove Studio Coffee Counter is back, better than ever!

We are planning new events for the Café for this fall and winter, like our Annual Tibb’s Eve Dinner & Dance– and a New Year’s Eve event too. And progress continues to creep along at the Lower Deck. I’ll keep you posted right here every Wednesday!


Anniversary Sale!

Today marks 16 years since the day I first opened Norton’s Cove Studio for business.  A tiny figure compared to the 128th anniversary of the construction of the historic general store that houses my studio & shop, but significant to me never-the-less!

This picture was taken for the Beacon (if my memory serves me correctly) back in 2002, just before I was ready to open.  I was still setting up new equipment.

To thank you, my faithful customers, friends, neighbours, and family who have supported me through the years, I have a few treats for you here at the studio today:

  • coffee
  • tasty nibbles
  • door prize: $25 gift card
  • 50% off all cards, minis, bookmarks, and framed minis
  • 25% off everything else in the shop
  • door opens at 10am and closes at 6pm

Online customers get a different deal:

  • 40% off all artwork by Janet Davis: use code Anniversary Sale
  • Also use this code if you don’t require shipping: PICKUPINSTORE
  • 6am to 10pm (Newfoundland time!)

Go ahead, make the most of both deals!

To all of you, whether you are a repeat customer with an entire Janet Davis art collection, you stopped in once on a travel trip and bought #justacard, or you love to eat at my restaurant, THANK YOU.  Every purchase counts towards a successful business that is employing several people and I think is doing good things in our tiny community here outport Newfoundland.  I hope this little business keeps growing!

Nortons Cove 2018-7
2018 photo courtesy of Grant Cudmore.