Levi Davis

My painting of Levi is still unfinished, but is
part of a window display at the studio for a while…

The window display has had a few people talking about my great grand-father, Levi Davis.  In one conversation yesterday, I learned that a video made of grandfather back in 1977 is now available to view online through Memorial University’s Digital Archives. 

I watched the video this morning, and welled up a bit, especially at the end when he talks about my father bringing his vessel in to Wesleyville, when grandfather saw that dad had named his boat after him.

The name of the video is I Can Mind the Time.


Painting Workshop with Tara Bryan

Day one of Painting II with Tara Bryan
Day two of Painting II with Tara Bryan
Tara and Hazel, her Airdale, came to visit us for about a week- We had lots of walks with the doggies, a fab opening of her art exhibit at the Gallery of the Bonavista North Regional Museum in Wesleyville, and I took her 2nd painting workshop at the gallery.  I made my first portraits in oil on plywood.  The subject is my great grandfather, Levi Davis of Pound Cove. 

Tara’s husband, and their Labrador, Hannah, showed up then, and boy did Jack have fun with two dogs to play with all day! 

Now that they’re all gone home to Flatrock, we are all missing the extra company.  Thank you Tara, and your escorts, for a fabulous week of art and friendship!