Studio Update

First Experimental Proof is on the drying rack, and I’m getting ready for the next one!

I’m a bit groggy today after a shivery/hot night, a side-effect of my second vaccine- yay! I can’t wait to get back to normal. I saw my first out-of-province visitors yesterday, from Quebec, and it made my day to see that ‘Je Me Souviens’ license plate! It’s pretty exciting to see real life returning.

Norton’s Cove Studio is open
10am – 6pm Wednesday through Saturday
10am – 3pm Sunday

The online shop is open 24/7 of course,
and you can choose to have your items shipped to you,
or you can ‘pick-up in-store’.

This Week at Norton’s Cove Studio

Work-in-progress: this Smudge Herring lino-cut plate was started last year, and was put aside to make space for other work. I started working on this again yesterday, and am happy with how it’s looking so far- see next image…
I’m planning to print these fishies a couple of different ways- as a regular edition of prints, but also as an installation piece (printed on silk panels) for a gallery exhibit that I am going to propose called UNDERNEATH.

I finally finished my #printapalooza printing sessions this week, and already I am running low on some colours/designs with the increase in traffic that I’m starting to see here at the studio. So that means that a new print-run will be starting again soon! And I’ve made a little change to my cards this year: I have a new stamp for the backs which I think looks much better than the sticker and is more environmentally friendly. So the next time you see a Norton’s Cove Card, flip it to check the back!

Norton’s Cove Studio is open
10am – 6pm Wednesday through Saturday
10am – 3pm Sunday

The online shop is open 24/7 of course,
and you can choose to have your items shipped to you,
or you can ‘pick-up in-store’.

Saturday Night at the Studio

There’s a whole lotta watercolouring goin’ on!

Still heavy on Norton’s Cove Cards, Mini-Prints, and Bookmarks production here at Norton’s Cove Studio. I’ve got most of my #printapalooza packaging done and the new products are in the shelves and on their way to other retail venues in the province, but I still have a big pile of prints waiting for watercolour to be added. One of my favourite jobs.

Work in Progress

I started working on a new linocut piece a few weeks ago, based on an old photograph of the wharves in Wesleyville. I’ve been doing a bit a research and sizing up where exactly the picture was taken, and my amateur historian guess is that this is the area where the ‘pound’ is at the Wesleyville Marine Service Centre looking to the right of that at around 1900.

From The Sea, Our Life-Blood by the Ocean View Senior Citizens
First, I drew the image onto a piece of linoleum using a Sharpie. The image has to be mirrored in order to print correctly onto paper.
I carved the image using v and u shaped blades.
I have an awful habit of doubting my ability with every image I make, and earlier today I was suggesting to Duke that the whole thing might not work out and that perhaps I was just wasting my time with the carving this close to the Craft Fair (main sales event of the year for me). He scoffed at the idea. But my confidence is still pretty shaky, despite being a professional artist for 27 years already.
And so here is the carved plate, ready to be washed, inked, and proofed tonight. If you’d like to see some printmaking in action, please do stop by and keep me company! Let’s see if this image turns out to be a treasure or trash!


Later the same night… the inked lino on the press bed
The first proof fresh off the press
And with a bit of watercolour added to really get an idea of what it’ll look like finished.

So now that I have my first proof pulled, I can see that there are a couple of areas that I need to change with the carving. Once that’s done, I’ll cut all my paper to size, about 50 sheets, tidy up the studio (have to sweep up Jack hair before laying out ink!), and away I go! I’ll be editioning very soon- please feel free to drop in to see how it’s done in person!

I’m pretty happy with the image at first look- what do you think? Treasure or trash?

Product Spotlight

Fresh Caplin, Matted
Fresh Caplin

Fresh Caplin, a 2014 original lino-cut by yours truly, is about to be sold out! I have one impression left available, number 34 in an edition of 36 + 3 TPs.

When drawing the image, I used a photograph taken by my aunt Linda of a bucket of fresh caplin. Someone pointed out that it looks like it was designed after the old codfish postage stamp, which I agree with completely, although I hadn’t thought of it before.

I have had my personal experiences with capelin, including a stint at the local fish plant as a caplin sorter in 1990. Fresh out of high-school, I took the job with an air of excitement, but lasted less than one shift! A night shift in which I found myself sleepy, cold, and hungry enough to faint away and knock out two front teeth on the floor as I went down! What an embarrassment! (I couldn’t say the word embarrassment, or anything else with an ess until I was fixed up with new teeth!)

If you would like to be the new owner of this last piece of the edition, you can find it in the online shop here, or drop in at the studio! It is matted to fit a 10×10 inch frame and will cost you $90 + applicable taxes.

Everything is Groovy

I’m back in the studio, putting dry mini-prints in mats and filling up my shelves with new product. I am full of good vibes, looking forward to a new season with a few changes, new artworks to be created, and new people to be met. Everything is groovy.

If you’re out for a Sunday drive, it’s a great time to stop in for a look around this c.1890 General Store and have a cuffer or a twack! I’d love to see you.

Surfacing 8 (Working Title)

Sketchbook with reversed photo and my notes…
Inking up the printing plate with my new brayer…
This is the first colour of 3
planned for this reduction print.
Here is the inked plate on the press bed…
And here are some of the impressions, hung to dry,
as they are too large for my drying rack.
More on this image’s progress next week!
4 more pieces of paper waiting to be printed right now…
It’s back to hooking tomorrow.

Bonavista Bay by Virtue

Bonavista Bay by Virtue
Lino-cut relief print | 100% cotton Canson 250g paper |  Janet Davis 2014 | $130 matted* or $216 framed as shown | Image size is approximately 14″ wide x  8″ high | Variable Edition of 50 + 6 other proofs
This print is brand new and now available matted or framed at Norton’s Cove Studio and online (see the online shop to the right of this screen).
The inspiration for this piece is a photograph taken while sailing towards the Fair Islands, on our way to Sydney Cove on Pork Island for a night aboard our Beneteau 400 sailing vessel named Virtue.


Designed Spring 2014
Available as a 4 x 6 card ($6.75), 5 x 7 matted mini-print ($13.50),
or 8×10 framed mini-print ($45.50) in any ink colour on off-white paper.

Drawn from a pin worn by soldiers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, this updated caribou image is in honor of the 100th anniversary of the first World War.  Lest we forget.