Bonavista Bay by Virtue

Bonavista Bay by Virtue
Lino-cut relief print | 100% cotton Canson 250g paper |  Janet Davis 2014 | $130 matted* or $216 framed as shown | Image size is approximately 14″ wide x  8″ high | Variable Edition of 50 + 6 other proofs
This print is brand new and now available matted or framed at Norton’s Cove Studio and online (see the online shop to the right of this screen).
The inspiration for this piece is a photograph taken while sailing towards the Fair Islands, on our way to Sydney Cove on Pork Island for a night aboard our Beneteau 400 sailing vessel named Virtue.


Designed Spring 2014
Available as a 4 x 6 card ($6.75), 5 x 7 matted mini-print ($13.50),
or 8×10 framed mini-print ($45.50) in any ink colour on off-white paper.

Drawn from a pin worn by soldiers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, this updated caribou image is in honor of the 100th anniversary of the first World War.  Lest we forget.

Sea Urchins

I started out the morning cutting paper for my little 
BEACH SERIES: Sea Urchin, Starfish, Mussels, and Sand Dollars.

Mixed up some green ink for the first edition of prints, and started printing…

These will have a little bit of hand painting added before they’re ready to be matted and framed.  
The printing plates are 7×7 inches, and the rice paper is 9×9 inches.  

Old Paterson’s Goat

Designed Spring 2013
Available as a 4×6 card ($6), 5×7 matted mini-print ($12)
or 8×10 framed mini-print ($40) in any colour ink on off-white paper.
This image is based on one of many goats cared for by the Paterson family in Upper Amherst Cove.  Mr. Paterson isn’t an old man, but he is a grandfather, so I thought it sounded appropriate.