Thank Yous

Nancy Hynes & Ian Foster Livex@ Norton’s Cove Café

Thank you to Ian & Nancy for another beautiful performance here at Norton’s Cove, to all of you who bought tickets to support these artists, and to Team Norton’s Cove for their helping hands that make my live music dreams a reality. ♡


Update on the Lower Deck Project

I know, I know, it’s taking us FOREVER. I still have a list as long as my arm of things that need doing and found to get the project complete and ready for action.

I do have a new photo to show you of the bar front that I am really excited about- I love it so far! We made it from bits of woodwork from the Anglican church in Pool’s Island that we managed to salvage last year. I’m looking for a bit of sheet metal to hide the back of the cupboards behind the diamond shapes, and the black rectangles are blackboards for a chalk menu. We still have to add a little shelf on the top to pass drinks over. What do you think?

In the meantime, Ian Foster and Nancy Hynes will be performing on Sunday night at Norton’s Cove Café, upstairs, as we’ve always done before… even though the tickets say that they will be performing at the Lower Deck. We still have lots of tickets left, and you can get yours by dropping in at the studio, or you can buy them in the online shop HERE. The show starts at 9pm, doors open at 8pm. Come early to get your favourite seats!

Ourosboros Live @ Norton’s Cove

Last night was magic. A band from St. John’s, Ourosboros, came to stay & play at Norton’s Cove to the delight of all ticket-holders! Amazing upbeat music with some twists to make us laugh while we danced!

These musicians were not only lots of fun to listen to, but fun to hang out with before and after the show. Susan Evoy is a comic genius, as far as I’m concerned!
And we get to do it all again, as the band has agreed to come back for another concert in 2020! Until then, we have their CD to add to the Norton’s Cove playlist.
Did you know that all the singer/songwriters on our Café playlist have performed Live @ Norton’s Cove?

In the Studio

I took a few days off to simply relax- spent some time with my son in St. John’s, and have watched TV, read, and played guitar.

Now I’m back in the studio, happy to be working on two new editions.  The paper is cut, and I’m just getting ready to start printing

  1. A Week in December
  2. I Saw Three Ships

These will be ready for the Christmas Craft Fair in Torbay next month, and will be seen on Ian Foster & Nancy Hynes‘ soon to be released Holiday album!


Please do stop in for a visit- I’d love to have some company while I’m working with my hands!

And don’t forget to pick up your tickets for Dust Radio Live @ Norton’s Cove Café this weekend!


Josh Fewings and Benj Rowland, aka MAYHEMINGWAYS, swung by yesterday to perform their ‘Fuzz Folk’ Live @ Norton’s Cove.  The guys (from Peterborough, Ontario) are in the midst of an Eastern Canada tour with their album SKIP LAND.  We had a very small group of listeners, but we all enjoyed it tremendously.  We’re so lucky to get these musicians coming to our shore!

Josh’s dad made this tour banner- wicked!

What a perfect symbol for a on-the-road tour!

Top 10 reasons I love to go see/hear live music in a small venue like Norton’s Cove Café:

  1. The sound is just so good. Crisp, clear, detailed.
  2. I get to meet the musicians which makes for a personalized experience.
  3. I can buy merch’ directly from the artists, and have them signed just for me!  Also good Christmas shopping ideas…
  4. I’m putting my ticket money directly into the pocket of starving artists.  Making a living as an artist is sketchy at best- I know this too well!  It’s a great feeling to know that my little bit of money will make a difference to someone.
  5. Every time I listen to the CD I bought, it brings back great memories of the live performance and the excitement of meeting the band.
  6. It’s so easy to stay home and not bother the fuss of getting ready to go out, save a few dollars… but it’s just a few dollars, and that ‘good times’ feeling is so worth the little bit of effort and money in the end.  Like a tonic or antidepressant.
  7. Hearing the stories behind the songs.  Artists usually tell you little bits between songs- what inspires them to write, places they’ve toured and people they’ve met along the way- it’s like getting the inside scoop, knowing something special that the general public aren’t aware of.  It’s simply special!
  8. Duke’s nachos.  (that only applies to Norton’s Cove, I know.  But still.  So good!)
  9. Hanging with other folks who appreciate the same things.  Even if you show up alone, you can sit with others who are there to enjoy the evening as a larger group.
  10. With just 33 available seats (or similar numbers) there isn’t any trouble finding your place, there are no ridiculous line-ups for bathrooms, and pretty quick service at the bar.

Check out my YouTube channel to hear the band!

How Good is M’ Life?

My head is still filled with the music of last night’s stellar performance by Jim Payne and Fergus O’Byrne.  Their toe tapping tunes and heartfelt storytelling blended beautifully to warm the room with happy people.


Someone stopped me to say, “We’re so lucky to have this place here”, and I’m incredibly happy to know that local people are pleased with what we’re doing.  Setting up a new business is a very risky and stress-laden venture, and local support means the world to me.

Thank you Jim & Fergus, and thank you to everyone who came to our latest Live @ Norton’s Cove event!  I’m very grateful to all of you!