Velvet Snow

I’m pleased to share this beautiful jewellery line with you here at Norton’s Cove Studio: made by Kim Cleary of Velvet Snow Accessories, each piece envelops dried forget-me-not flowers.

Velvet Snow Accessories is a handcrafted jewelry line based in Newfoundland, Canada. Designer Kim Cleary, born and raised in St. John’s, forages wild flowers and foliage within the province and turns them into beautiful, minimalistic accessories.

The pieces are shown in the antique display case that came with this historic c.1890 general store, and of course they are a great compliment to my own Forget Me Not cards and mini-prints, an iconic image in Newfoundland’s history.

Prices on the pieces range from $33.50 to $42, before HST is added.


And now that #printapalooza is complete again, it’s time for signing, scoring, folding, matting, chopping, tasseling, and packaging Norton’s Cove Cards, Mini-Prints, and bookmarks! And the weather is perfect for such indoor work! đź‘Ś

Norton’s Cove Mini-Prints getting signed and sorted on my well lit office table.


I took Jack for a little walk in Newtown today, just a few minutes drive from Norton’s Cove. A beautiful sanctuary for bird watchers, but I’ve not been there at the right times to see seabirds yet. Maybe they see the dog coming… The fog is beautiful even if it is cold- and the fresh air is like a tonic for all that ails.

Jack with his nose to the ground.


We didn’t have any snow at the beginning February. Not a single snowflake. But for about two weeks, we’ve been making up for lost time. And for anyone who likes outdoor winter activities, the snow conditions are amazing.

It has been a glorious winter day here in the Greater Norton’s Cove Area. Duke and I took a snowmobile ride today (we’re very new to this activity) on the old woods roads, and wanted to share some snaps…

Such a beautiful day, without wind!- or very little anyways, for our wind standards.
I did the driving for about 35% of the trip, which is a very new experience for me. Never thought I’d ever be driving a snowmobile, much less enjoying it! This photo was taken on Brookfield Marsh, almost home: you can see our house, studio, and cafĂ© in the left side of the frame.

And now, with the local pandemic regulations back to alert level 4, I’m back in my studio, continuing with my early spring cleaning (similar plan to “if you build it, it will come”?) and enjoying a spectacular sunset.

The Tickle Vacation Home

There is a new vacation home available year-round in Newtown, part of New-Wes-Valley. It’s called The Tickle Vacation Home, and I’d like to make sure you all know about it! Maybe you’re looking for somewhere to stay so that you can come visit Norton’s Cove Studio! The owners are Jason & Tammy Attwood, and can be reached directly at whittamm@outlook dot com.

You can find reservation information on Airbnb, and The Tickle Vacation Home has some pretty good reviews so far. The price is almost unbelievable, considering that there are three double beds in the house! Newtown is pretty spectacular, with beautiful photography opportunities around every corner.

Something this area needs much more of, is accommodations. We’re slowly but surely growing our tourism industry, which makes me sigh a breath of relief to see more and more listings on Airbnb for my region, as I very much depend on just that to make a living here at Norton’s Cove.

Brown Trout

Working with the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation, I designed a linocut print (and pen/ink drawing for use as a logo too) of a brown trout over the summer.

Today (and tomorrow too, I’m sure), I am editioning the piece. I’ve cut enough paper at 5 x 11 inches each to make an edition of 75 + a few Presentation Proofs that the IBEC can use for fundraising for their cause. If you’re in the area, please drop in to have a peek at printmaking in action!

Once the printing is done, I’ll add a few details, like those red and blue spots you can see on the Trial Proof, and then they’ll be signed, numbered, chopped, and packaged or framed.

Friday Nights are Back for Christmas!

Central Perk: after-hours at Norton’s Cove is back for Christmas!

Get together with your FRIENDS and enjoy special Christmas treats made by Amanda along with Duke’s famous nachos! Janet is making eggnog this year, along with the usual drinks menu.

NEW TIME: 7pm to 11pm

Merry Christmas from Norton’s Cove!


I’m happy to report that the 2017 staff of Norton’s Cove Studio & CafĂ© have been nominated for an award!  I was recently contacted by the municipality of New-Wes-Valley, asking if it would be okay if they nominated us- it sure is okay!

Nortons Cove 2018-8
Norton’s Cove Staff in 2017 included Ted O’Connor, Patsy Best, Fred Kelloway, Gilbert Gordon, Angie Sheppard, Leah Lewis, Leah Perry, Candace Hynes, Jared Attwood, Megan Kelloway, Justin Burtin (pictured), Duke Kelloway, and me, Janet Davis.

The Gander & Area Chamber of Commerce is holding a gala event on November 22nd, in honour of the 18th Annual Joe & Clarice Goodyear Business Achievement Awards at the Quality Inn & Suites at Gander.

We are up for a Customer Service Award, which I’m quite proud of.  Have you visited Norton’s Cove?  What did you think of our customer service this year?  Are we deserving?

In the Studio…

Framing up some of these Snow Crab today, getting ready for the New-Wes-Valley Crab Festival which starts on the 23rd and finishes up on the 30th of this month.

Look for my new SNOW CRAB lino-cut print in the cafĂ©, studio, and in the online shop during New-Wes-Valley’s Crab Festival.