My lovely clean studio…

Because my studio has been a busy spot these past few weeks, it’s been messy.
Then the heating system stopped working, forcing us to install new electric heaters… more mess.
So when I cleaned up the place to make it comfortable enough to work in again, I took a few snaps to show you how lovely a building I am lucky enough to have as a workspace…

Twine Needle

Twine Needle
Multi-media: print, hand embroidery on cotton  |  Edition of 12  | Janet Davis2014 | $111 + HST framed

Going back to my new year’s post… I think I’ve already produced more artwork in 2014 than in 2013.  Some of those pieces were started in 2013, but still, I’m on a roll!  No pun intended, Hugh, but noted!  Printmaker on a roll, right? right?