Jug & Basin

Designed Spring 2013
Available as a 4×6 card ($6), 5×7 matted mini-print ($12)
or 8×10 framed mini-print ($40) in any colour ink on off-white paper.
This image is based on a jug & basin at the Bonavista North Museum & Gallery in Wesleyville.



Designed Spring 2012
Available as a 4×6 card ($6), 5×7 matted mini-print ($12)
or 8×10 framed mini-print ($40) in any colour ink on off-white paper.
This image is based on  my dog, Jack, when he was a wee puppy.  Eastern’s Outback Jack is a beautiful black Labrador Retriever from Eastern Kennels in the Goulds, near St. John’s.  Jack spends his days at the studio with me, and provides me with endless smiles and loyal companionship.


These items are also available through email sales: Just send me a note with which items you’d like to have, and I can package it up and put it in the mail for you.  I can process your Visa or MasterCard over the phone.

Crochet snowflakes were $2, now $0.75 each: just 2 left!
Also (not shown) crochet wreaths and cats by Spindrift were $4.50 each, now $1.13
Originally $36, this necklace is now SOLD
Lelli Unique Wire Jewellery was from $14 – $84, now SOLD
Artsea Jewellery’s Stretchy Rings are now SOLD OUT
Fish and Brewis clay bun warmers are now SOLD
Recipe books now SOLD OUT
Dark Tickle Jam gift sets now SOLD OUT 
Tinned Salt Fish now SOLD OUT
Cream and Sugar Set now SOLD
Teas, Maple Berry Syrups (sold out) , were from $3 to $7.90, now $0.75 to $1.98
These items are non-taxable
Mugs SOLD | Small bowl SOLD
Raku Clay Magnets were $8 now $2 each: ONLY SEA URCHINS REMAIN
Books all 75% off original prices: were from $5-34.95, now $2.50 – $17.48
CDs and DVDs were$12.99 – $35, now $3.25 – 8.75
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Hockey Socks from Spindrift were $26, now SOLD
Hat was $32, now $8 | Green Sprout Vamps were $26, now SOLD
Xmas Stocking was $23, now SOLD
Perfectly Pure Bath Products were from $5 to $20, now from SOLD OUT
Elfshot Jewellery: The only product left in this display case now is  the hafted beothic arrow necklaces, which were $35 each, now just $8.75
Updated 6 MARCH 2012

Icebergs in June: Day Three

Spring Ice

This image is available as a card for $6 or matted and signed for $12.  You can also purchase it in an 8×10 frame for $40.

But you can win a framed Spring Ice by commenting on this post!
Your name will be put in a bag for a draw on the last day of June.  Already have this one?  Then you can choose another design on http://www.cardsandminis.blogspot.com/

Iceberg count to date: zero.  But you can find some great photos here.

Icebergs in June: Day One

Icebergs in June, which began last year at Alexis Templeton’s studio, came to be at Norton’s Cove Studio this year for two reasons: one being that we might actually see some icebergs in June in Brookfield; two being that the signs Alexis had made up fit my windows too. 

I’ve changed the event to happen over the entire month, as my out-of-town location makes things a little different than Alexis’ city weekend events. 

So here we are at day one.  Duke and I went sailing, but didn’t see any icebergs.  It was cold enough that you’d think there was ice all around, but no. 

I’ll be keeping a daily blog on events, visitors, and special bergy things for sale here at the studio, made by myself and my artsy friends.  There are some beautiful things to see already, and there are lots more on their way.  Stop by for a visit, make a special trip, stay tuned!