Throw Back Thursday

Four generations of women & girls in my family: from left: Emily Gill, Ollie Davis (nee Gill), Hannah Gill (nee Norris), and moi: Janet Davis, at Newtown, Bonavista Bay, 1972.

I’ve been taking part in the annual NLOWE Conference which is taking place online this year over a couple of weeks instead of in-person over a few days. The Newfoundland & Labrador Organization for Women Entrepreneurs works diligently to help women of this province succeed in business, and I’m very thankful for their programs and workshops that have been helping me for quite a long time!

Interacting with so many women makes me think of the women who have inspired my career: My mother who fought for what was right for us kids, and made me believe it was okay to stand up for myself; My nan Gill who made everything by hand and died too soon for me to ask so many questions; My Great Nan Gill who lived almost forever, and knit mittens for all of her generations of children and grandchildren- I still have the last pair she made for me before her death at 104 years of age in 1988. The idea of the importance of making things by hand was always in my life, and my mother fostered the spark of interest I had from a fairly early age in a big way, enabling me to try whatever I wanted. I am very thankful for that encouragement in my childhood, and indeed, the encouragement that has continued for all the years since.


They say that a change is as good as a rest. So I’m doing something completely different! After filling up my drying rack and all the screens I stole from the cafe to use as surfaces to dry new cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks, I’ve gone to St. John’s to attend the NLOWE Conference for some professional development workshops and networking with other business owners. It’s also a chance to spend a little time with my university student offspring! By the time I get back to the studio, I’ll be refreshed, last week’s prints will be dry, and Duke and I will refill them with the three remaining colours for this print run. Then it’ll be time to package and frame them up and ship them out to the best shops in the province!