T-Shirt Weather?

Duke and I made a supply run to town yesterday, and we picked up some exciting new merch for Norton’s Cove Studio & Café from Living Planet Studio. And today is a gorgeous sunny day that is just perfect for photo-taking outside, so I called on my merch model, Fred, to get some shots to match last year’s batch. It’s quite handy to have a handsome volunteer at home! A funny note: while Fred looks very comfortable in just a tee-shirt with the snow in the background, I was wearing my fully zipped feather parka while snapping his picture!

I’ve got both new items uploaded on the website, and am setting up displays here in-store. Been here? Done that? Get the tee shirt!

Back in Black

Printing black cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks took two days, as there was a power outage on the 2nd day of #printapalooza, and while I did get some printing done in daylight, after a couple of hours without heat I could feel a chill creeping in, so I went home and parked myself next to the wood burning fireplace in my kitchen. Toasty…

Did you know that it takes about 3 seconds to make a perfect piece of toast by holding a piece of buttered bread inside the wood-stove on a big steel fork? 😋

The Lower Deck

Friday & Saturday saw the wall & ceiling paint complete, the bolts for the beams put in place, and a start to the painting of the beams. Big thanks go out to Taylor, Duke, and Fred for their volunteer time this week! ♡

New in the ‘Hood!

I’m happy to report some brand new hoodies I’ve had printed up by Living Planet with the Norton’s Cove logo and my Fresh Caplin image…

Available in maroon or grey, sizes S-XL, unisex, for $60 each.

I introduced the new product at last weekend’s Craft & Gift Wholesale Show in St. John’s, and they are now available in the online shop as well as here at the studio.

Valentine’s Night

Our Feast of Saint Valentine went off without a hitch- if you were there, thank you for being a part of a lovely evening; if you weren’t, here’s what you missed…

Seafood Soup, Butternut Squash Soup for starters.
Moose Ragu with fresh Fettuccine Pasta, Vegeetable Curry with Basmati Rice and Tomato Jam,…
… and Chicken Pot Pie with Mashed Potatoes were the tasty (and filling!) main courses.
Carrot Cake and Bread Pudding with Partridgeberry Rum Sauce for dessert options.
Mike Sixonate at the mic.

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend from all of us here at Norton’s Cove, with special thanks to guest Chef Peter Burt, his Valentine Robin Crane who did a gorgeous job as server, and to Mike Sixonate for his performance which capped off the night.

At Home

Photo courtesy of Kath & Dave

Kath & Dave visited the other day, bought some Norton’s Cove Cards, and have framed them at home already!  Here’s a great example of how to frame Norton’s Cove Mini-Prints!  Don’t they look great?  That’s my dad’ s Tug Point Vim at the top, Caplin at the top left, Puffins at top right, Dory and Humpback on the bottom, all in black ink.

I love seeing how my artworks look in their new homes.  Thank you for sharing, Kath & Dave!