Excursions: Deadman’s Bay

Beautiful evening light and the roar of the ocean is better than meditation to me. This little section of the coastline is found by traveling on a dirt road for a few minutes after turning into Deadman’s Bay, just north of New-Wes-Valley on the Road to the Shore.


This is my first attempt at posting a YouTube video…
Fingers crossed the link works, and doesn’t lead you to videos about a different type of hooker…

Ocean View

Surfacing I | Oil on plywood |  Janet Davis 2012

A friend brought me a copy of House and Home magazine to show me a page showing a selection of ocean inspired products that reminded her of my Surfacing works…
Isn’t it interesting to see how our ideas are not only our own? 
The sea is full of inspiration, plenty for all artisans who have spied upon it.