Tara Bryan: Visiting Artist

Norton’s Cove Studio is very happy to announce that Tara Bryan will be giving us her company and expertise next week!  Tara will arrive on Thursday, March 29th, and will be staying until April 3rd.

We will have a little meet & greet on Thursday night (see the events section), and Tara will be teaching Oil Painting in the loft on Friday & Saturday.  She’ll be spending the rest of her time working on her own projects.

Tara is bringing with her some t-shirts, art cards, and other goodies to sell, so stop in to shop too!

From Tara’s 2011 visit!


Surfacing I

Oil on plywood, Janet Davis 2012

This is my newest painting, finished just yesterday.  It’s sitting in my shop window for now, to be framed and priced once it’s dry.  My toughest critic told me it was “really good”, which shocked my eyebrows to my hair line last night!

I’m hoping to have a photographer friend get a better picture of it for you soon…

Oil Painting Workshop, Day One

We’ve got a lovely little group in the half storey of the studio who have been enjoying learning and laughing together with guest artist Tara Bryan.  Yesterday was day one of the workshop, and here’s how it looked…

Tara instructs Joanne during day one of a two day oil painting workshop
Eric works on his first oil painting on day one

Tara Returns!

Tara Bryan will be back to teach another beginner’s oil painting workshop in September while she’s here dismantling her fabulous display of paintings at the Bonavista North Museum & Gallery (still open 10-6 daily!)

If you’d like to sign up, call or email Norton’s Cove Studio:

Here is the course Info:

An introduction to oil painting, with the basics of mixing colours and creating a painting.  We will discuss choosing a subject, composition, and different techniques of applying paint.  Bring several photos you are interested in working from.

September 9th and 10th, 10am-5pm each day

Here’s a supply list, available at Norton’s Cove Studio, or you can bring what you have…
Large tube of white paint
Smaller tubes of

  • hansa yellow, or cadmium yellow lemon
  • cadmium yellow medium
  • cadmium red medium
  • alizarin crimson
  • ultramarine blue
  • phthalo blue
  • payne’s gray

Additional optional colours:

  • yellow ochre
  • burnt umber
  • sap green or phthalo green
  • dioxazine purple

Brushes: a range of sizes, 6 or 8 ranging from small round brushes to filberts 2-3 cm wide.
At least 1 flexible metal palette knife for mixing.  Don’t bother with plastic ones.
Odorless mineral spirits or Turpenoid
Coffee can or jar for solvent (with cover)
Rags or paper towels
Something to use as a palette
Canvas(es) 18″ x 24″ or so

Cost of the workshop, not including materials, is $175 + HST