King’s Point Pottery

If there is one shop you need to visit in Newfoundland, it’s this place.  Gorgeous displays, beautiful staff, high quality hand made art, craft, and gift items; interesting bits inside and out that you’ll need some time to take it all in.

Get more information about King’s Point Pottery HERE.





My husband has spent lots of studio time with me over the years, enough to learn the craft of lino-cut printmaking.  He has made several small editions, and has sold every print.  His imagery, unsurprising to anyone who knows him, is always marine related.

Linocut print on 250g Arches cotton fibre paper  Waiting   12/15  Duke Kelloway 2007

Printing Snow Crab

Adding watercolour to the printing matrix.  
Drying the watercolour.
Printing plate on the press bed, getting spritzed with water to add that speckled look to the crab shell.
Damp paper laid on the printing matrix.  The paper is cut slightly smaller than the printing plate.  Blankets are lowered over the paper & plate, then rolled through the press.
And when the blankets are pulled back on the other side, you see the embossed results of the pressure + damp paper.
Here is the impression with the printing plate, which goes back to getting another layer of watercolour added, and so it goes 75 times or so for an edition of 75 prints.






The Wesleyville Book Project

I’m at Flatrock, at Walking Bird Press, with my partner in crime, Tara Bryan.  We’re continuing work on an edition of 100 books about Wesleyville.  They are coming along very nicely, and it’s getting pretty exciting to see our efforts turn into something- not just proofs, but final printing!



My First Etching

A little blast from my past: Introduction to Intaglio Printmaking at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD), led by Dan O’Neil, in the winter of 1996.  This image was made on a zinc plate using hard-ground and aquatint drawing techniques.  Printed with black ink.  Loved the process, and Dan’s teaching style.

Wesleyville etchin

Throw Back Thursday

This untitled piece was a part of my first solo exhibit back in 1998, teastory.

Lithograph, found object, thread. Janet Davis 1998

Each piece in the series is the size shape and image of a tea bag. The teacup fragments were collected from the floor of my Morris Street apartment’s tiny kitchen. Too precious to be thrown away, I tucked them away for an unknown purpose, until I imagined this piece.

It’s all about holding precious bits and fragments of the past, but going on with something new, beautiful, and cherished.


Black Friday Cyber Monday is a big deal with shoppers these days, even here in little old Newfoundland.  You can read up on what BFCM is here if you’re wondering where this marketing terminology came from.

My friends over at have come up with an alternative to Black Friday, aiming at supporting independent businesses and artisans, Indie Friday.  And I’m jumping on board that bandwagon.


…so on Indie Friday, I’ll be offering up a sale on my Norton’s Cove Cards, Mini-Prints, framed Mini-Prints, and Bookmarks.  Just use the code IndieFriday at the checkout to save 40% on your purchase.  This sale applies both online and in-store.