Smoked Capelin

I had a really productive weekend, producing these paintings and then regenerating with a day off…

Capelin StudyThis is a 5×7 inch oil painting on canvas panel that I made with some smoked caplin as painting models.  Their colourful sides remind me of raku fired clay- lots of iridescent blue, red, yellow, and browns.
Male Capelin
A series of nine 8×10 oil paintings on stretched cotton canvas depicting the same smoked caplin models.  They are made a little differently than the first little painting, but have the same colour combinations and dark backgrounds.  Here is a detail of the lower left hand corner painting:

Ocean View

Surfacing I | Oil on plywood |  Janet Davis 2012

A friend brought me a copy of House and Home magazine to show me a page showing a selection of ocean inspired products that reminded her of my Surfacing works…
Isn’t it interesting to see how our ideas are not only our own? 
The sea is full of inspiration, plenty for all artisans who have spied upon it.