Last week here in New-Wes-Valley* the whole town joined together in our 1st annual Snow Crab Festival. Norton’s Cove Café took part with four different happenings, and I’d like to share a little of what took place.

  • Green Tea co-sponsored by Karma Kafé
  • Community Social hosted by Homestead Adventures
  • International Flavours supper by Ted, Gilbert, and Amanda
  • Friday Night FRIENDS

I very rarely give money to my community when different organizations come looking for donations from my company, because my business is very small and so far, I haven’t made any profit. However, I want to do good- I want to spread good vibes in my community. So I devised a plan that would also help a cause that is close to my heart- the arts!

With the help of my friends Florence and Irene at Karma Kafé, we have organized an annual event which will fund a new Art Scholarship (yet to be named) to be given to a graduating student of the local school, Pearson Academy. The scholarship will be given to a student who has been accepted in a school for the arts (visual, theatre, literature, etc.) and we administer the scholarship directly. Very soon, we’ll write up the guidelines for applications.

From the Festival Guide: “Karma Kafe and Norton’s Cove Café are teaming up to host GREEN TEA at Norton’s Cove Café from 2-4 pm. There will be fancy sandwiches and scones, and lots more for you to savor with your pot of tea. They are encouraging all to dress up for the occasion: What would the Queen wear? All profits will go towards a new Scholarship Fund for the arts to be available to Pearson Academy’s graduation class. Check out to read the history of this event.” Photo courtesy the Town of New-Wes-Valley’s Facebook page.

The event happened on Monday, March 11th, and we were all thrilled to host a full house of women and men enjoying a social tea that will benefit the arts. We raised $610 for the fund that day including some cash donations from folks who care.

Special thanks to Rick’s Service Centre of Pound Cove who kindly donated $25 to the cause, raising our fund to $635!

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help and influence of Florence, Irene, Shellsea, & Curtis. What wonderful things we can do when we work together!

*The town of New-Wes-Valley is comprised of eight little communities: Newtown, Templeman, Pound Cove, Wesleyville, Brookfield (of which Norton’s Cove is part), Badger’s Quay, Pool’s Island, and Valleyfield.


Throw Back Thursday

I found this image of Georgina Bishop’s class on my old desktop… I think this is 2018’s graduating class, and many of these young ones are now 17 & 18 year old visitors to the café on a pretty regular basis.

2014 Pearson Visit
Mrs. Bishop’s Class, 2014

I love having school groups visit the studio- each group is different.  Some are quiet, shy, not wanting to ask questions; others are rambunctious and full of excellent queries.  I appreciate the teachers wanting to show these kids what is happening just three doors down from their school, Pearson Academy, and I feel really special when the kids come back on their own time, bringing their families with them, or just popping in to see what’s on the go.  It really makes me feel like I have a role in this community, rather than just working in my studio by myself most of the time until the tourist season starts!

I wonder who will show up this spring?

Pearson Academy’s Grade Four Visit

The Grade Four class at Pearson Academy came for a visit today to learn about the history of the Job Kean Shop.  They heard all about how Job & Virtue Kean built the wooden structure back about 1890, and how the community could get pretty much anything required at the shop.  They checked out the working scales, the brown paper holders, and the old cash drawer that dings.  
Thanks for visiting!  What a lovely group of students!  Come back soon!
Photos courtesy of Brenda Lee Goodyear.

Studio Visits

I enjoyed two great visits with students from Pearson Academy today.  
Here’s a shot of Mrs. Faulkner- Kean’s grade five students:

Would your group like to visit?
I’d love to show you some printmaking techniques and show off my 124 year old shop!

Pearson Academy Visits

This snap taken by Duke

I’ve had a couple of visits from students at Pearson Academy this week, learning about painting, printmaking, and mat hooking.  I love these visits, especially when the students are full of questions and are so obviously interested in what I’m doing, like the grade seven class shown here with their teacher, Georgina Bishop, and me today.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to see you all again soon.