Victoria Day Weekend at Norton’s Cove Studio

Welcome to Norton’s Cove! While I have had many disappointed callers looking to make reservations at the Café (which opens for the season on June 2nd), you will find Norton’s Cove Studio open and actively printing new cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks this weekend!

Come on in for a visit while you #TourTheShore on Victoria Day Weekend!

#Printapalooza begins with a count of my inventory against my orders to fill and shop stock required, and that information gets me this print list:

The second step is to cut the required paper. I use this nice paper cutter to slice my 22×30″ sheets of 250g cotton fibre paper into the right sizes for cards, minis, and bookmarks. There is a tiny sliver left-over, which goes into storage for paper-making projects later on.

The next step is rolling out ink and printing all designs in a range of colours on my Praga etching press. Watch for more #Printapalooza progress shots as the week continues! And if you’re in the area, please stop in for a visit- we’d love to see you.

Norton’s Cove Studio is now open
10am – 6pm Wednesday through Saturday
10am – 3pm Sunday

The online shop is open 24/7 of course,
and you can choose to have your items shipped to you,
or you can ‘pick-up in-store’.

Order online for pick-up with the subscribers’ special discount code MAY2021 to save yourself 20% off on all Norton’s Cove Apparel! Or shop in store and get the same discount! That’s on all apparel, even the tee shirts that are on sale for $10 already! This will be the last sale until the Anniversary Sale in September.


And now that #printapalooza is complete again, it’s time for signing, scoring, folding, matting, chopping, tasseling, and packaging Norton’s Cove Cards, Mini-Prints, and bookmarks! And the weather is perfect for such indoor work! 👌

Norton’s Cove Mini-Prints getting signed and sorted on my well lit office table.


Blue-Green is the #printapalooza colour of the day!

I am blue, wishing it was green! There’s a bit of white winter weather out there today- nothing new- I expected exactly this, but it’s still disappointing to see the ground covered in snow again when the last little hummock was just leaving.

This time of year I’m dreaming of gardening and boating, and a spring snowstorm always feels like a big step backwards. We’ve been making plans to improve our deck space, and I’m really itching to get at that project! It’s already gorgeous in my head!


Printapalooza starts the new week with blue.

I’ve been listening to a podcast made just for retailers while going about my physical work cutting paper and printing and the like, and I’ve been really focused on planning for my business to grow this year like never before. Really spending a lot of time fine tuning things like work schedules, hours of operation, how to keep employees happy (including this CEO) and away from burnout. Every year I learn a bit more by reading and listening and making all the mistakes I can. Listening to this podcast, Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten, is kind of reaffirming much of what I already know, but really convincing me that I CAN have a successful business if I just apply all these things I’ve picked up over the years, really building on my self-confidence like I’ve never felt before.

One of those things that I’m very slow to learn is that I need to take better care of myself. In the past, I have let myself get so burnt out I didn’t think life was worth living. Then even when I thought I was doing really great personally last year, instead of taking the time off that I needed to deal with the death of one of my best friends, I worked myself into a panic attack, ruining an event for myself that I had looked forward to for weeks.

So… after 19 years of doing it all wrong, I’m going to correct myself. I’ve decided that while the Café will have the same hours as last year, my studio will change to match the Café, giving me two days a week when I can destress, enjoy the summer weather, sail, visit with friends, garden, just sit on the deck, and keep myself energized all through the busy season. 🤞

Seeing Red

It’s time for #Printapalooza again! I’ll be printing a new colour each day until my current print list is done. I’ve got two brand new images: Shamrock, and Saltbox House, and I’ve also changed up a bunch of the oldies, cutting borders off and making them look fresh and new. I’m quite happy with my next generation dory too, which includes a bowline in the painter against a little lop.

A Good Friday for Printing

Today’s Printapalooza action: a rainbow roll of quinacridone red and prussian blue with a wee bit of titanium white in the mix. I started this a couple of days ago on my own, and Duke helped me get it all done today. Having a ‘clean hands’ helper makes such a huge difference in production time!

Duke had been doing a little work elsewhere, but today I had him all to myself again! I am adamant that when I’m allowed to reopen my shop, it will be FULL of product!

What did you do today?

Production Mode

Each winter, I take wholesale orders for my open edition cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks at a trade show in St. John’s. My spring is filled with printing, hand colouring, packaging, framing, and shipping out thousands of these pieces to shops around Atlantic Canada.

I’m in the midst of what I like to call Printapalooza right now. That’s where I take inventory of the product I already have in stock, add the orders I’ve taken and what I need for my own shop, and make a print list of all the pieces in the various colours that I can tally off as I go. My colour list is Black, grey, red, red-yellow, orange, red-blue, blue, blue-green, green, and gold/silver.

The colours change with the years, as tastes change for me and my customers. And the images change too- the lino-cut plates wear out after a couple of hundred impressions are pulled, and I replace them with similar or newly imagined images.

If you look up my twitter account,you’ll see pictures and little videos tagged #printapalooza this time of year.