Snaps from around the Shop Today…

In addition to printing cards, the other kind of paperwork, and thinking about other projects (which I’ll tell you about in another post), I’ve been tidying up around the shop and rearranging some displays.  Here’s how this c.1890 Kean’s General Store is looking today…




At the beginning of each new fiscal year, I reassess what has been working for me and what hasn’t.  Lots of questions get answered with my sales reports and financial statements: how many people visited?  How much did people spend?  What did they purchase?  Where were they from?

Turns out that my 1,958 visitors were more interested in purchasing my own artwork than anything else that I sell in my shop.  So I have decided to discontinue the beautiful items that I sell made by other Newfoundland artisans and devote the retail space, my time, and my dollars, to my own works.