Product Spotlight

Dad’s Guitar

  • 2 x 4″ bookmark
  • Any ink colour on antique white cotton fibre paper with an ivory tassel
  • Original lino-cut relief print by Janet Davis
  • Designed 2019

“This Yamaki guitar hangs in my office, but has been owned by my dad, and all three of my brothers at some time.  All four of us kids learned to play guitar on this instrument, and it’s pretty special to me.  “


Product Spotlight

Products from the Dark Tickle Company

I have been carrying these products in my shop and at the Café Giftshop for many years. The products are each exceptional, but here are my Top Three:

  1. Partridgeberry Relish
    The first time I ate a fish cake with this as a topping in Griquet in 2015 turned out to be a life changing experience. I have never had a fish cake without it since. When we indulge in a local favourite: chips dressing and gravy, I add a big dollop of Partridgeberry Relish on top too, and it’s magnificent! We serve it at Norton’s Cove Café with our fish cakes, and with our salt fish ravioli.
  2. Norse Berry Soap
    I use this soap – any scent because I love them all- in the shower with one of those pouf thingies. The lather is rich and lovely and leaves me feeling clean and moisturized.
  3. Chocolate Covered Raspberries
    I love raspberries. I love chocolate. Can’t go wrong! And they go with a glass of red wine just fine!

What are your favourite Dark Tickle products?

Product Spotlight

I made four images in this Beach Series: Sea Urchins, Starfish, Sand Dollars, and Mussels. I love the grey wooden frames which look like driftwood- they are supplied by my friends at Image Fusion.

Sea Urchins

  • Edition of 80 prints
  • Available matted to fit a 12 x 12″ frame
  • or framed
  • Janet Davis 2014
  • Printed on green Tatami paper
  • hand painted white dots on each impression

Product Spotlight

I received an exciting package in the mail this week: all new jewellery from our buddy Michelle Lambert! She has created a number of ArtSea Jewellery pieces just for Norton’s Cove! They are available in store only- check them out when you visit! The prices are very reasonable, and there are a wide variety of styles and matching sets for those special occasions and every day.

Product Spotlight

Sea Urchins
This edition of 80 linocut relief prints is almost sold out. I have available one print matted to fit a 12 x 12″ frame, and one already framed as shown. I printed these on green Tatami paper and hand painted white dots on each print back in 2014. Eight years to sell 80 prints! I’m not sure what that says about my work, but I’m going with ‘not enough foot traffic’ to preserve my dignity.

Sea Urchins

I started out the morning cutting paper for my little 
BEACH SERIES: Sea Urchin, Starfish, Mussels, and Sand Dollars.

Mixed up some green ink for the first edition of prints, and started printing…

These will have a little bit of hand painting added before they’re ready to be matted and framed.  
The printing plates are 7×7 inches, and the rice paper is 9×9 inches.  

Collaboration with Alexis Templeton

Here a few snaps taken at Alexis’ studio while we were making plates together.
Look for finished plates in the spring in four designs:
Starfish | Mussels | Sea Urchins | Sand Dollars
My linocut printing plates are pressed into clay…
I’ve cut around the linoleum, and peel back to reveal the embossed image.
Alexis turns up the edges, and trims and shapes them into plates.
When I leave the studio, the plates are drying in racks with supports to help them keep their shape until they are dry enough to go into the kiln.  Alexis is an expert at glazing her pots, and she’ll no doubt transform these embossed plates into things of beauty.  I look forward to seeing them once she’s worked her magic!