New Product Alert!

New Rocks & Roots Co. products in the shop!  We’ve added soap, lip balm, candles, and body scrub to our collection of bath bombs, and they smell heavenly! 

And yes, you can get them in the online shop too!

At Home

Photo courtesy of Kath & Dave

Kath & Dave visited the other day, bought some Norton’s Cove Cards, and have framed them at home already!  Here’s a great example of how to frame Norton’s Cove Mini-Prints!  Don’t they look great?  That’s my dad’ s Tug Point Vim at the top, Caplin at the top left, Puffins at top right, Dory and Humpback on the bottom, all in black ink.

I love seeing how my artworks look in their new homes.  Thank you for sharing, Kath & Dave!

In the Studio…

I’ve had quite a few visitors over the past couple of days- I love meeting new people and hearing about where they’re from: California, Australia, Montreal, even the crowd from ‘town’!  {If the crowd from Australia are reading this, please contact me- shipping problem to talk to you about}

I’ll be printing cards for the next week or so- cleaning the black ink off now to start in on the yellow and yellow-red rainbow roll.  I’d love to show you how it’s done- stop in for a chat!

Directing traffic to see works in progress.

The Press Room

The Drying Rack

Finished products in the old shop shelves.


Black Friday Cyber Monday is a big deal with shoppers these days, even here in little old Newfoundland.  You can read up on what BFCM is here if you’re wondering where this marketing terminology came from.

My friends over at have come up with an alternative to Black Friday, aiming at supporting independent businesses and artisans, Indie Friday.  And I’m jumping on board that bandwagon.


…so on Indie Friday, I’ll be offering up a sale on my Norton’s Cove Cards, Mini-Prints, framed Mini-Prints, and Bookmarks.  Just use the code IndieFriday at the checkout to save 40% on your purchase.  This sale applies both online and in-store.