I took Jack for a little walk in Newtown today, just a few minutes drive from Norton’s Cove. A beautiful sanctuary for bird watchers, but I’ve not been there at the right times to see seabirds yet. Maybe they see the dog coming… The fog is beautiful even if it is cold- and the fresh air is like a tonic for all that ails.

Jack with his nose to the ground.


We didn’t have any snow at the beginning February. Not a single snowflake. But for about two weeks, we’ve been making up for lost time. And for anyone who likes outdoor winter activities, the snow conditions are amazing.

It has been a glorious winter day here in the Greater Norton’s Cove Area. Duke and I took a snowmobile ride today (we’re very new to this activity) on the old woods roads, and wanted to share some snaps…

Such a beautiful day, without wind!- or very little anyways, for our wind standards.
I did the driving for about 35% of the trip, which is a very new experience for me. Never thought I’d ever be driving a snowmobile, much less enjoying it! This photo was taken on Brookfield Marsh, almost home: you can see our house, studio, and café in the left side of the frame.

And now, with the local pandemic regulations back to alert level 4, I’m back in my studio, continuing with my early spring cleaning (similar plan to “if you build it, it will come”?) and enjoying a spectacular sunset.