Christmas Craft Fair

My booth at the Craft Council’s 2012 Christmas Craft Fair

Going to the Craft Fair is a bit of an annual reunion, which I always look forward to.  I see people that I have met throughout my craft career, some of whom I see often, others very rarely.

Thank you so much to my fellow booth-holders who made the weekend memorable: Christine, Derek, and Laurie of Spindrift, Michelle (who I think I’ll call Goose from now on…) and her dad of ArtSea Jewellery, Alexis Templeton, David of King’s Point Pottery, the girls from Constantine Designs, and Jason Holley and Rosalind Ford.



These items are also available through email sales: Just send me a note with which items you’d like to have, and I can package it up and put it in the mail for you.  I can process your Visa or MasterCard over the phone.

Crochet snowflakes were $2, now $0.75 each: just 2 left!
Also (not shown) crochet wreaths and cats by Spindrift were $4.50 each, now $1.13
Originally $36, this necklace is now SOLD
Lelli Unique Wire Jewellery was from $14 – $84, now SOLD
Artsea Jewellery’s Stretchy Rings are now SOLD OUT
Fish and Brewis clay bun warmers are now SOLD
Recipe books now SOLD OUT
Dark Tickle Jam gift sets now SOLD OUT 
Tinned Salt Fish now SOLD OUT
Cream and Sugar Set now SOLD
Teas, Maple Berry Syrups (sold out) , were from $3 to $7.90, now $0.75 to $1.98
These items are non-taxable
Mugs SOLD | Small bowl SOLD
Raku Clay Magnets were $8 now $2 each: ONLY SEA URCHINS REMAIN
Books all 75% off original prices: were from $5-34.95, now $2.50 – $17.48
CDs and DVDs were$12.99 – $35, now $3.25 – 8.75
Candles were $5-$7.50, now SOLD
Hockey Socks from Spindrift were $26, now SOLD
Hat was $32, now $8 | Green Sprout Vamps were $26, now SOLD
Xmas Stocking was $23, now SOLD
Perfectly Pure Bath Products were from $5 to $20, now from SOLD OUT
Elfshot Jewellery: The only product left in this display case now is  the hafted beothic arrow necklaces, which were $35 each, now just $8.75
Updated 6 MARCH 2012

November 40% OFF

Well, it’s November already, and so it’s time to bump up our fall sale percentage to 40% off all gift-ware.  Here’s what’s still available…

Bath Bombs & Lip Balm: were $5 each, now $3 each

Christmas Stockings were $23 each now $13.80 each

Elfshot necklaces, earrings: were from $25-$40 now $15-$24

Hat was $32 now $19.20 | Green Sprout socks were $26 now $15.60 | Grey Vamps were $20 now $12

Hockey Socks were $26 now $15.60

Books were from $5-34.95, now $3-20.97

Snowflakes were $2 each, now $1.20 each

Cds and DVDs were from $12.99 – $35, now from $7.79 – $21

Stretchy Rings were $30 now $18

Soap was $5 each, now $3 each

Bath Salts were $20/bag, now $12/bag

Caplin Cat Toys were $14, now $8.40  | Jams were $25/set now $15

Fish & Brewis Bread Warmers were $20 now $12, Newfoundland  Recipes book was $4.95, now $2.97

Lelli Unique Wire Jewellery was from $14 to $84 now $8.40 to  $50.40

Dark Tickle Teas and Syrups were from $3 to $7.90, now $1.80 to $4.74

Mugs were $30 now $18 | Bowls were $25small & $60 large, now $15small & $36large

Cream & Sugar set was $50 now $30

Clay magnets were $8 now $4.80each

Icebergs in June: Day Fifteen

Fat Seal Dude cat toys from Mewfoundland Purrrfections | $14 each + HST

Iceberg count: nar one

Some Fat Seal Dudes drifted in on an icepan though…

Derrick LeGrow Jr. is the mastermind behind these brilliant little knitted cat toys, stuffed with cat-nip.  Never dreamed I’d ever see knitted dadlers.

The old shop of sealing captain Job Kean Sr. seems just the perfect place to sell them.