This Week at Norton’s Cove

I’m still packaging up product to send out to shops, and I’ve got a few more prints to pull before my orders are all full. We’ve also been updating our own displays, moved the coffee machine out of the studio, and we’re getting things ready to open up the café on the 16th! Lots to do! I can’t wait to order my first cappuccino and a hand-pie for elevenses two weeks from now! But for now, back to packaging squid!



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Norton’s Cove Café Opens!


This Week at Norton’s Cove

We are printing and packaging Norton’s Cove Cards, Mini-prints, and Bookmarks this week at the studio. Order due dates are passing us by and we’re printing into the night to get it all done! We’re working on about half of the spring orders now, and will start printing all over again once these are sent out. This year is different than most because orders were taken in April at the Craft & Gift Wholesale Show instead of in February as usual, so I normally have an extra two months to work on those orders.

Packaging all those pieces: folding cards, stamping their backs, stuffing them into bags, adding tassels to bookmarks, putting mats on mini-prints & etc., can be tedious work sometimes. I love having visitors while I’m doing that kind of work to keep me company. Please do stop in for a chat. We’re open 10-6 Wednesday to Saturday.

We’re making plans for the Café: opening dates and booking bands and that sort of thing. There’s just three weeks left until the Café is in full swing- I can hardly believe it’s almost summer already! And yes, we are taking reservations for the full season already!