Surfacing 10: Waterhaul
70 6×6″ hooked mats | Janet Davis 2015 | $6,900 + HST
Available for purchase at the Craft Council Gallery until June 13th, 2015
My father mentioned a ‘waterhaul’ to me while creating this piece.
It was a term common amongst the generations of those who used cod traps.  If your trap was empty, it would be said that you had a “waterhaul”, meaning that there were no codfish in it!
See my twitterfeed between February and May of this year to see the day by day workings of this installation.  Each square took at least 5 hours of hooking.   Thanks to all my tweeps and peeps who kept me feeling pumped about this project while I spent all those hours and late evenings sitting and hooking!

Surfacing 8 (Working Title)

Sketchbook with reversed photo and my notes…
Inking up the printing plate with my new brayer…
This is the first colour of 3
planned for this reduction print.
Here is the inked plate on the press bed…
And here are some of the impressions, hung to dry,
as they are too large for my drying rack.
More on this image’s progress next week!
4 more pieces of paper waiting to be printed right now…
It’s back to hooking tomorrow.

Surfacing 10

A few snaps of a large-ish installation piece in progress for my 
upcoming exhibit at the Craft Council Gallery…
Surfacing 10 will be a series of 70 (fingers crossed) 5″ x 5″ hooked mats.
I am re-purposing bed sheets, cut with scissors, in store bought burlap.
I am on a pretty strict schedule and won’t go home at night until I’ve finished a square for the day.
There are lino-cuts and paintings to create too.  I can sleep in May.
#Surfacing #Hooker

Happy New Year!

I’m planning a wonderful 2015.

There are new art classes and workshops starting in January… check out the schedule here.

I have a solo exhibit coming up at the Craft Council Gallery in May and June, which I’ll be busy getting ready for all winter.  I’ll be printmaking, painting, and hooking mats representing ocean portraits.  There should be a couple of collaborative projects included in the show too…

Then I’ll be packing up SS Virtue for the trip of a lifetime.  Duke, Fred, Jack the Labrador Retreiver, Theo the orange tabby, and I will be sailing to Battle Harbour, Labrador at the end of June.  I cannot express how excited I am about this plan!  I have a hard time saying “Battle Harbour” without clapping my hands.  I will be the Artist in Residence for the month of July.  I’ll be creating work in a space provided for me, and teaching a few workshops on lino-cut printmaking.  Go to www.battleharbour.com to find out more about Battle Harbour and the fantastic vacation you can have there!

And that means that Norton’s Cove Studio will be closed for the month of July.  Not to worry- I’ll be bringing back lots of newly inspired work and a slide show too.

What are your plans for 2015?