Product Spotlight

Christmas Heart

  • 4 X 6 inch card
  • cotton fibre paper
  • original lino-cut print
  • with Kraft envelope
  • $7.25 + applicable tax

Printed in silver ink and water-coloured by hand.  Designed December 2022. I sent these cards to all my family and friends this year, and they will be available in the shop until the printing plate wears out!


Product Spotlight

Hermit Cove Cups have been greeting customers at Norton’s Cove Café all summer!

Hermit Cove Cup Series

  • Three editions of 100 prints + 1 Trial Proof
  • Available matted to fit a 10 x 10″ frame
  • Available in a professional metallic wooden frame
  • Janet Davis 2020
  • Printed on Canson Edition 250g Antique White paper
  • As seen at Norton’s Cove Café
  • $60 each matted
  • $104 each framed as shown

“These cups were created during COVID-19 restricted times.  While choosing books to read or listen to over the winter and spring, I found that the old stories of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters were where comfort was found.  This translated to my artwork in that I found myself going back to old images, old ideas from my own work.  These teacups were originally used in my imagery in 1996 up until about 1999.  My series of work then, called teastory, was all about appreciating the little things in life, and realizing how good things are compared to the experiences of our ancestors.”

Product Spotlight

Squid bookmarks are available in the studio, in the online shop, and in the Café’s giftshop too!
  • 2 x 4″ bookmark
  • Printed on antique white 100% cotton fibre paper
  • With an ivory tassel
  • Original lino-cut relief print by Janet Davis
  • $5.50
  • Normal colours available (as seen from left to right in the photo above) Red, Red-Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red-Blue, Blue-Green, Green, and Black.
  • One of my favourite things about these bookmarks, is that I can fit it in a birthday or Christmas card without costing more in postage.
  • Other images available as bookmarks: Capelin, Shamrock, Salt Fish, Store Path, Dad’s Guitar

Product Spotlight

We had a great time with Cotillion last night! (From left, Dave Panting, Gerry Strong, and Hugh Scott) They held a captive audience through a downpour of rain and a bit of thunder and lightening, and I’m still humming their tunes this morning. I’m sure we’ll see them Live @ Norton’s Cove again on their next tour.

Our next Live @ Norton’s Cove Event at the Lower Deck is on September 10th, when we welcome David Guy to the stage. David is an artist living in Musgrave Harbour. He is married to our Pastry Chef, Chrys Hogan, and so is a part of our Norton’s Cove family. We’d love to pack the place with live music fans- so make some plans! Reserve a table at the café for supper before the show, or come with a bit of an appetite and enjoy Ted’s Lower Deck menu of small plates.

Velvet Snow

I’m pleased to share this beautiful jewellery line with you here at Norton’s Cove Studio: made by Kim Cleary of Velvet Snow Accessories, each piece envelops dried forget-me-not flowers.

Velvet Snow Accessories is a handcrafted jewelry line based in Newfoundland, Canada. Designer Kim Cleary, born and raised in St. John’s, forages wild flowers and foliage within the province and turns them into beautiful, minimalistic accessories.

The pieces are shown in the antique display case that came with this historic c.1890 general store, and of course they are a great compliment to my own Forget Me Not cards and mini-prints, an iconic image in Newfoundland’s history.

Prices on the pieces range from $33.50 to $42, before HST is added.

New in the ‘Hood!

I’m happy to report some brand new hoodies I’ve had printed up by Living Planet with the Norton’s Cove logo and my Fresh Caplin image…

Available in maroon or grey, sizes S-XL, unisex, for $60 each.

I introduced the new product at last weekend’s Craft & Gift Wholesale Show in St. John’s, and they are now available in the online shop as well as here at the studio.

In the Studio

I took a few days off to simply relax- spent some time with my son in St. John’s, and have watched TV, read, and played guitar.

Now I’m back in the studio, happy to be working on two new editions.  The paper is cut, and I’m just getting ready to start printing

  1. A Week in December
  2. I Saw Three Ships

These will be ready for the Christmas Craft Fair in Torbay next month, and will be seen on Ian Foster & Nancy Hynes‘ soon to be released Holiday album!


Please do stop in for a visit- I’d love to have some company while I’m working with my hands!

And don’t forget to pick up your tickets for Dust Radio Live @ Norton’s Cove Café this weekend!