In the Studio

Making some progress with my new hooked mat project…


Duke, Fred, Jack and I went looking for a polar bear after supper on Thursday last. We didn’t find a bear of any kind, but we did find four icebergs*, and drove back home as the moon was just starting to glint on the water.

This snap was taken in Newtown, looking out at Pinchard’s Island, where my forefathers decided to make their new home after leaving England in the late 1700s. I haven’t roamed far, 7 generations later!

*The iceberg shots are seen on my twitter feed, as well as a little video of the waves rolling in at Deadman’s bay, with the ocean’s roar and the tinkling of small bits of ice rolling on the landwash.

Valentine’s Night

Our Feast of Saint Valentine went off without a hitch- if you were there, thank you for being a part of a lovely evening; if you weren’t, here’s what you missed…

Seafood Soup, Butternut Squash Soup for starters.
Moose Ragu with fresh Fettuccine Pasta, Vegeetable Curry with Basmati Rice and Tomato Jam,…
… and Chicken Pot Pie with Mashed Potatoes were the tasty (and filling!) main courses.
Carrot Cake and Bread Pudding with Partridgeberry Rum Sauce for dessert options.
Mike Sixonate at the mic.

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend from all of us here at Norton’s Cove, with special thanks to guest Chef Peter Burt, his Valentine Robin Crane who did a gorgeous job as server, and to Mike Sixonate for his performance which capped off the night.