Excursions: Deadman’s Bay

Beautiful evening light and the roar of the ocean is better than meditation to me. This little section of the coastline is found by traveling on a dirt road for a few minutes after turning into Deadman’s Bay, just north of New-Wes-Valley on the Road to the Shore.


A 15 minute drive north from Norton’s Cove brings us to Windmill Bight, a municipal park at Lumsden. We like to visit in the winter months when the park is closed.

We park at the turn-off on the highway, and walk past the camping area, over a bridge and brook, past a play-ground and camper overflow area, and the freshwater lagoon area to get to the ocean side beach. Most of the walk is sheltered by fir and spruce trees.

Looking towards the town of Lumsden

When we get to the beach, the wind off the ocean is damp and cold, so we only stay long enough to fill our lungs and take in the views; And of course play fetch with Jack who can find a stick wherever we go.

Jack and Duke playing fetch.

Then we make our way back to the truck again. Oftentimes we meet another who enjoys quiet winter walks, and we did today, but not always. We are very lucky to be living in such a beautiful place with so much space available to be explored!

Looking towards Cape Freels and Newtown.


Woman’s best friend.
Lumsden, Newfoundland

Postcard sunsets, strolls along the seaside, and taking notes on the beauty surrounding us is just a regular summer day. I’m a lucky lucky woman.



My new Studio Assistant (who you’ll be hearing from on a weekly basis), Jack, and I went for a walk at Deadman’s Bay Beach after work today, and I thought I’d share a few snaps with you…

In the Studio

The Tickle Vacation Home

There is a new vacation home available year-round in Newtown, part of New-Wes-Valley. It’s called The Tickle Vacation Home, and I’d like to make sure you all know about it! Maybe you’re looking for somewhere to stay so that you can come visit Norton’s Cove Studio! The owners are Jason & Tammy Attwood, and can be reached directly at whittamm@outlook dot com.

You can find reservation information on Airbnb, and The Tickle Vacation Home has some pretty good reviews so far. The price is almost unbelievable, considering that there are three double beds in the house! Newtown is pretty spectacular, with beautiful photography opportunities around every corner.

Something this area needs much more of, is accommodations. We’re slowly but surely growing our tourism industry, which makes me sigh a breath of relief to see more and more listings on Airbnb for my region, as I very much depend on just that to make a living here at Norton’s Cove.

Excursions Around the Bay

It was a beautiful day for a walk on the Greenspond trail. The seas are still rough along the shore after some recent high winds, making for some pretty spectacular view and quite a symphony of crashing waves.

It felt great to be outside in the sun after a long spell of indoor activities. (I’ve caught up on some home maintenance that had been put off for far too long. )

Jack had a great time too, and doused himself in all the bog holes he could find. Luckily, he’s happy enough to hop in the shower, so he no longer smells like a bog dog!


I am thrilled to announce that we have sold all tickets for Jim Payne & Fergus O’Byrne Live @ Norton’s Cove Café.  Thanks all 33 ticket holders, for supporting this series of Live performances!  Enjoy the show!

Woody Point.jpg