Excursions Around the Bay

It was a beautiful day for a walk on the Greenspond trail. The seas are still rough along the shore after some recent high winds, making for some pretty spectacular view and quite a symphony of crashing waves.

It felt great to be outside in the sun after a long spell of indoor activities. (I’ve caught up on some home maintenance that had been put off for far too long. )

Jack had a great time too, and doused himself in all the bog holes he could find. Luckily, he’s happy enough to hop in the shower, so he no longer smells like a bog dog!

At Home

Photo courtesy of Kath & Dave

Kath & Dave visited the other day, bought some Norton’s Cove Cards, and have framed them at home already!  Here’s a great example of how to frame Norton’s Cove Mini-Prints!  Don’t they look great?  That’s my dad’ s Tug Point Vim at the top, Caplin at the top left, Puffins at top right, Dory and Humpback on the bottom, all in black ink.

I love seeing how my artworks look in their new homes.  Thank you for sharing, Kath & Dave!


We grabbed a take-out supper from the café and ate at the picnic table in the first gazebo on the Greenspond walking trail last night. Duke had the Baxter Burger & Chippies with a Dad’s Root Beer, and I had the Chick Pea Curry with an iced coffee. Yummy supper.

Beautiful evening, until the mosquitoes found us. In Greenspond! The 1st time I’ve ever seen them there! Never mind all the tragic things happening all over the world- I’m upset about the immigration of mosquitoes to Pond Island!!! I think I’m prejudiced towards mosquitoes.

Das Mer, Ihr Leben

Several years ago, I made a new friend, a German photographer named Martin Weinhold.  Martin was visiting Newfoundland, working on a project that has become even bigger than he first imagined, called Workspace Canada.  The idea was to photograph Canadians such as myself within the workspace, telling a true Canadian story, as opposed to the stereotype common in many German heads, Canadians all being either Mounties or cowboys.

mare magazine

I was quite surprised when my website was suddenly being watched by Germany and surrounding countries a couple of months ago- turns out I had been mentioned in a German magazine, and folks had started looking up my studio.  Of course, Martin wrote the article, shown in the link below.  Thanks for the introduction to some new followers, Martin!

110_WIRT_Meerberufe_1-17_FINAL Kopie

I’m looking forward to a visit from Martin and his wife next year, who have promised to bring me a bottle of German wine to toast the reunion!

In the Studio…

I’ve had quite a few visitors over the past couple of days- I love meeting new people and hearing about where they’re from: California, Australia, Montreal, even the crowd from ‘town’!  {If the crowd from Australia are reading this, please contact me- shipping problem to talk to you about}

I’ll be printing cards for the next week or so- cleaning the black ink off now to start in on the yellow and yellow-red rainbow roll.  I’d love to show you how it’s done- stop in for a chat!

Directing traffic to see works in progress.
The Press Room
The Drying Rack
Finished products in the old shop shelves.

Self Care

I started seeing a councillor for the first time in my life this past week, to help deal with my depression.  She asked me what I do for “self care”.  I thought about that a bit, and realized that I really don’t take good care of myself.  Especially this past fall and winter.  I couldn’t think of anything at all.

With that in mind, I am going to try not to spend as much time working, and do a little more just for me, or at least things that aren’t necessarily for the benefit of my business.

I had to make a quick trip to Gander today (business related, yes) and on the way back, Duke and I stopped in for a quick visit of the Dover Fault Interpretation Site.    It was cold, but we walked up the little trail to a lookout point with several story-boards on the way, and found a beautiful view of the islands in the bay.

There was snow on the trail, and I was wearing short boots, so Duke piggy-backed me over a couple of spots, an event which made me giggle- and I thought of what a simple little action can bring joy into my life.  Giggles are good medicine.


We drove around Dover and scouted out a good wharf to tie up at when our SS Virtue gets splashed back in the Atlantic in a week or so.  A warmer day, or at least a day when I’m appropriately dressed for whatever the weather brings, will bring us back to the site to actually read the story boards and take our time looking.