Norton’s Cove Weekends

I haven’t been posting much lately, and I have a pretty good excuse… One of the Café servers left us, leaving me to fill in, and so my workweek was a wee bit longer than is conducive to keeping up with everything on my to-do-list! (14 hour days really make me notice how old I have gotten!)

Thankfully, we’ve hired a new part-time employee and adjusted our schedules and now I am much more ready to take on all the things.

With such a busy summer happening here in Norton’s Cove, my time off has become more important to me than ever before. Being productive really does require a person to be well rested. And I’ve been making good use of my Norton’s Cove Weekends (NCW: Sunday night, Monday, & Tuesday).

Some of you may have noticed that SS Virtue is now back at home port. (And doesn’t the harbour look even better with her in it?) Duke and I motor-sailed her to Terra Nova National Park from the marina in Glovertown, and then back to Norton’s Cove the following week. Two glorious days! And we bought a season pass at the park, so we hope to visit there again soon.



Motoring ‘up the bay’

Today, Duke and I sailed/motored to Glovertown aboard Virtue. It’s time to get her ready for the hard again, but for tonight, she’s safely tied up at a finger pier at the Marina. We have another week to enjoy her before she has to be lifted.

In the Studio…

I’m in the studio today, putting together some frames and mats for already finished artworks.  Bonavista Bay by Virtue is almost sold out, with just 2 impressions still looking for new homes.

In 2014, I made this image of sailing up the bay in our beautiful Beneteau, Virtue.  It is a lino-cut relief edition, printed in black ink with water-colour applied after the ink had dried.  I made an edition of 50 + 6 proofs.  What I have remaining today, is 4 of the Trial Proofs, all matted in white which matches the print’s paper. 

I have frames available for three of them, and two of these are already spoken for!

If you’re choosing a frame, this option is A: Distressed Charcoal… (framed price is $325)  This one has a bit of a sunset happening.


This option is B: Rubbed Pewter… (framed price is $333)

And this option is C: Soft Gray… (framed price is $321)  This one has a very faint sunset starting.

To Lift or Not to Lift

The Skipper and I had the most amazing day of beauty today.  We decided to take our sailboat, Virtue, to Glovertown Marina for the winter.  So at the crack of dawn we dropped our mooring at Norton’s Cove without a breath of wind and motored to Glovertown.


As you can see from the photographs, we didn’t get to set sail at all, as the wind stayed unusually vacant all morning.  Gorgeous views were all around us the whole day, and we really felt like we were on vacation.



We arrived at the marina at peak tide- the water is pretty shallow here- which gave us just six inches of water under our keel as we backed in over the straps waiting to lift Virtue out of the water.  At that point, we realized that we needed to release our back-stays in order to allow the TraveLift crane to lift Virtue up and onto the hard.  That was not something the Skipper was willing to take on in a hurry.  It would mean dismounting out radar, which is attached to the stays, and compromising the ability to keep the mast standing throughout this procedure.  A decision was made to return to our mooring once again.


So Virtue is still afloat on her mooring in Norton’s Cove, and we got to enjoy twice the time in our lovely boat.


The weather stayed incredible throughout the day, and we picked up our mooring just after sunset (I think I’ll look into glow-in-the-dark bobbers for next year to mark the mooring) and we even got to pull out a sail on the way home.

Virtue will have to wait to start hibernation until another day.


Bonavista Bay by Virtue

Bonavista Bay by Virtue
Lino-cut relief print | 100% cotton Canson 250g paper |  Janet Davis 2014 | $130 matted* or $216 framed as shown | Image size is approximately 14″ wide x  8″ high | Variable Edition of 50 + 6 other proofs
This print is brand new and now available matted or framed at Norton’s Cove Studio and online (see the online shop to the right of this screen).
The inspiration for this piece is a photograph taken while sailing towards the Fair Islands, on our way to Sydney Cove on Pork Island for a night aboard our Beneteau 400 sailing vessel named Virtue.


Today was spent enjoying the weather, our sailboat (Virtue), and family.  Duke, Fred, Jack the Sailor Dog and I sailed from our overnight stop of Bragg’s Island back home to Brookfield.  I took hundreds of photographs of the sea, to use over the coming months as inspiration for my spring show SURFACING. Pretty good reason to have the shop closed up for a day, wouldn’t you say?