After spending four nights in St. John’s , I am revived a bit this evening to have the salt air back in my lungs, which a quick walk on the rocks of Ship Island (Greenspond) provided nicely. Chill. Interpret that word as you like!

While in town, I heard The Novaks play a 1990s styled Unplugged set at The Ship Inn. Great show, and at a reasonable hour for old folks like me- the band started at 9 o’clock. I was happy to see the proof that there are plenty of music fans who are happy to take in an early show, as there was a fine crowd.

At Walking Bird Press, with the amazing Tara Bryan, I worked on The Wesleyville Book Project. We have completed all the printing, have folded and glued the accordion pages, and have even printed a series of 6 cards that will be boxed as a companion piece to the book. Great to have such a productive weekend!

I am back at the studio, fulfilling orders for Norton’s Cove products, putting away new hoodies picked up at Living Planet yesterday, taking reservations for Mother’s Day at the Café, and packaging even more product to send out to customers in the days ahead. Exciting times at Norton’s Cove!


The Wesleyville Book Project

I’m at Flatrock, at Walking Bird Press, with my partner in crime, Tara Bryan.  We’re continuing work on an edition of 100 books about Wesleyville.  They are coming along very nicely, and it’s getting pretty exciting to see our efforts turn into something- not just proofs, but final printing!



Walking Bird Press

I’m spending some time in Flatrock with my friend and artist extraordinaire, Tara Bryan. We are working on a little art book together, to be titled Wesleyville. This morning, I set type for the first time, and really enjoyed it- a bit like playing word games

I got some basic instructions on how to operate the Vandercook press, and made a first proof. There were lots of typos to fix. Another word game.

Once we got the type set correctly, however, we started to play with layout. Perhaps the type will be reset to form around the shapes of our images…