Today was spent enjoying the weather, our sailboat (Virtue), and family.  Duke, Fred, Jack the Sailor Dog and I sailed from our overnight stop of Bragg’s Island back home to Brookfield.  I took hundreds of photographs of the sea, to use over the coming months as inspiration for my spring show SURFACING. Pretty good reason to have the shop closed up for a day, wouldn’t you say? 


Humpback Platters

Quite a few weeks ago, Alexis Templeton and I started making some platters with my printing plate for Humpbacks.  The finished pieces are ready to go.  You can pick one up at Alexis Templeton Studio in St. John’s, or here at Norton’s Cove Studio… I have four in stock.  Of course, each one is a little different.  It’s great fun to see what comes out of the kiln at Alexis’ studio.

Humpbacks | Printed Clay | Alexis Templeton and Janet Davis | $287 + HST

Christmas Tea & Sale

I’m getting my things ready to bring to this event in St. John’s this coming weekend.  I’ll be bringing the  following pieces with me- if there’s anything else on the website that you’d like to get a closer look at, let me know, and I’ll bring it along.
Dogberry Branch

He Loves Me

Minke Whales

And snowflakes!  A collaboration between myself & potter Alexis Templeton.

Icebergs in June: Day Twenty Nine

Duke, Jack & I took a little boat excursion to Greenspond this afternoon after work… Did we see any icebergs?  Not a glimpse.  Seems they’re extinct.  But what a wonderful little trip!  There was a Bald Eagle sitting on Bennett’s High Island as we were leaving Wesleyville, there were Artic Tern, Turr, gulls, Cormorants, and Gannetts all very busy this evening.  Then while at Greenspond walking Jack and talking to L & R, there were Minke whales breaching right next to shore!  Seems the caplin have arrived.  All this natural beauty and wonderment, and I forgot to bring my camera.